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Revisions to Chapter 62-210, F.A.C., Stationary Sources - General Provisions

Revisions to Rules 62-210.200, .300, .310, and .350, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.)

The purpose of this rulemaking project was to: 

  • Amend Rule 62-210.200, F.A.C., to add new definitions and revise existing definitions for clarification and further implementation of the Clean Air Act as well as removing unnecessary definitions;
  • Amend Rule 62-210.300, F.A.C., to make corrective and clarifying amendments;
  • Amend Rule 62-210.310, F.A.C., to:
    • revise the requirements for submittal of the Relocation Notification Form (Form 62-210.900(6)) to the Department to at least one (1) day prior to facility relocation and to clarify,
    • clarify the circumstances under which an annual emission test for an Air General Permit facility is not required consistent with test exemptions in Rule 62-297.310, F.A.C., and
    • make other corrective and clarifying amendments; and
  • Amend Rule 62-210.350, F.A.C. to clarify the process for requesting an administrative hearing pursuant to Chapter 120, Florida Statutes, and a public hearing (public meeting) for the Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) and Title V permitting programs.  

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