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Revisions to Chapter 62-296, F.A.C., Multiple Rules

Revisions to Rules 62-296.401, .402, .404, .405, .408, .410, .412, .415, .512, .570, and .702, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.)

The purpose of this rule development project (OGC No.16-0098) is to revise the following rule sections of Chapter 62-296, F.A.C., Stationary Sources - Emissions Standards, to address the need for alternative air emissions limitations during transient operating conditions at regulated facilities, including during periods of startup and shutdown:

  • Rule 62-296.402, F.A.C., Sulfuric Acid Plants;
  • Rule 62-296.404, F.A.C., Tall Oil Plants and Kraft (Sulfate) Pulp Mills;
  • Rule 62-296.405, F.A.C., Fossil Fuel Steam Generators with Less than 250 Million Btu Per Hour Heat Input, New and Existing Emissions Units;
  • Rule 62-296.408, F.A.C., Nitric Acid Plants;
  • Rule 62-296.410, F.A.C., Carbonaceous Fuel Burning Equipment;
  • Rule 62-296.570, F.A.C., Reasonably Available Control Technology (RACT) - Requirements for Major VOC - and NOx-Emitting Facilities; and
  • Rule 62-296.702, F.A.C., Fossil Fuel Steam Generators.

This rule development project will also revise and clarify provisions in the following rule sections which are outdated or superseded by federal standards:

  • Rule 62-296.401, F.A.C., Incinerators;
  • Rule 62-296.412, F.A.C., Dry Cleaning Facilities; and
  • Rule 62-296.512, F.A.C., Cutback Asphalt.

Also, alternative control requirements will be added to Rule 62-296.415, F.A.C., Soil Thermal Treatment Facilities.

Important Documents

Notice of Rule Development, published December 6, 2016, in the Florida Administrative Register

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April 11, 2018 - 1:25pm

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