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Fish Consumption Survey Project

The Fish Consumption Survey has been delayed due to the Covid-19 emergency in recognition of the concern that the emergency has likely altered fish consumption patterns among Floridians.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection, through a contract with the University of Florida Survey Research Center (UFSRC), is conducting a statewide survey of fish and shellfish consumption patterns by Floridians. The primary objectives of the survey are:

  • Collect information on how much and what kinds of fish and seafood are consumed by Florida residents.
  • Provide estimates of the quantities (grams/day) of finfish and shellfish from fresh and estuarine waters consumed by the general population of Florida residents.
  • Estimate fish consumption rates for high-end or subsistence fishers.
  • Collect information on the reasons Florida residents choose to eat fish and shellfish.
  • Collect information on the reasons Florida residents may choose to eat less fish and seafood than they would like.
  • Collect limited demographic information (age, income, race, angler status) that might relate to fish consumption.

The information collected by the survey will help the Department better protect Floridians who choose to eat fish and seafood caught from Florida waters. You can help the Department achieve its objectives by participating in the survey if you are contacted by the UFSRC, even if you do not eat fish or seafood. This is a multi-year study. Results of the survey, when complete, will be shared with the pubic on this webpage.

If you have any questions regarding this survey effort, please contact Kaitlyn Sutton at 850-245-8819 or email at

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