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Florida National Hydrography Dataset - What's New

  • The Florida NHD stewardship program consists of a project manager, NHD Steward/Technical Lead, QA/QC manager/editor and two additional full time editors.
  • Full photo revision yields approximately 150 square miles per month of updated data per editor.
  • Prioritization of sub basin editing is derived from date of original USGS 24K DLG quadrangle data, TMDL/WBID requests for updates, contractual agreements, requests from county/regional government and requests for miscellaneous revisions.
  • Florida DEP provides the statewide NHD to end users through Map Direct, DataMiner, and the FDEP Geospatial Open Data Portal.
  • The data provided was last updated in May of 2016, and represents a snapshot of the NHD as of 2/25/2016.
  • Download an ArcGIS layer file for use with NHD data.  This layer file incorporates the symbology, hyperlinks, scale and feature size dependent labelling associated with the NHD when viewed using DataMiner or MapDirect.  You can download the most recent NHD data at the DEP Open Data Portal under Water Resources.
    • Instructions: Download the layer file and add it to your ArcMap document.  Expand one of the layers until you see the red exclamation points next to the featureclasses. Left-click on an exclamation point and select the matching data from the downloaded NHD file geodatabase.  The remaining featureclasses should automatically be updated once the first one is set.

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