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FGS Geologic Data

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The Florida Geological Survey holds multiple geologic collections including borehole samples, hand specimens, and fossil specimens. There are multiple sources of geologic information associated with these collections. Please see below for more information about each one and the data available.

Geologic Information and Data Portal

DEP maintains a web application for access to the information for our boreholes that are captured in the FGS Geologic Database.  This includes location information, sample availability, geophysical logs, and lithologic descriptions.  Currently, the information for boreholes with W numbers can be accessed through our Borehole Query Search.   The collection of geophysical logs were scanned and are available through our Geophysical Log Search. Hand specimens, thin sections, and fossil specimens are not yet captured in the FGS Geologic Database.

Map Direct

Information associated with our borehole samples is available though our interactive Map Direct focus. Additional focuses include: Subsidence Incidence Reports; Springs; and Aquifer Vulnerability. 

National Digital Catalog

The USGS National Digital Catalog is part of ScienceBase and includes information about geologic collections from across the US.  All metadata from projects funded by the USGS National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program (NGGDPP) are available on this site. 


The greenbooks are a collection of 150 green binders that are housed at the FGS.  They are a collection of drillers' logs, paleontology reports, and lithologic descriptions associated with the boreholes in our holdings.  A majority of the primary borehole data has been captured in the FGS Geologic Database; however, there remains additional information and resources in these books.  These binders are now available via our Greenbook Index page.

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