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Coastal Development at St. Joseph Bay

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Population growth and development have many implications for Florida. Population increase adds pressure on natural resource consumption. Impacts on marine resources from adjacent land uses may result from either the direct use of the marine resources through structures like docks, piers and marinas, or through effects from upland activities such as stormwater runoff and septic tank drainage (point and nonpoint sources of pollution). Over three-quarters of Florida's population live in coastal communities. As the population continues to rise and the demand for development, infrastructure and services increases, there could be environmental and subsequent economic impacts that must be appropriately managed, especially in areas like St. Joseph Bay.

Residential development is steadily increasing around St. Joseph Bay and along St. Joseph Peninsula. In addition, major industries are located adjacent to the bay and along the nearby Gulf County Canal. In order to ensure that water quality does not further diminish, it is imperative that we preserve the remaining wetlands that are located directly adjacent to the bay. Continued land acquisitions for the purposes of conservation in areas that directly protect the neighboring wetlands from pollution will ensure high water quality standards. Aquatic buffer zones serve as natural boundaries that aid in water quality protection by filtering pollutants, sediments and nutrients from stormwater runoff as well as providing erosion control and habitat for native species of plants and animals. 

Goal: Protect the natural ecological functions of St. Joseph Bay from impacts due to increased adjacent land use and coastal development by monitoring development impacts on the bay health and supporting adjacent land acquisition opportunities.

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February 27, 2019 - 8:50am

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