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2018-19 Resilience Planning Grants Questions and Answers

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RPG FY 2018-2019

1. What is the application due date, as I have seen different due dates listed?
All applications for the RPG are due on September 7, 2018 by 4:00 PM ET, via email to
2. Would a small town that is a gated golf community eligible for this grant, if the city doesn’t have any public access to the beach nor own any beach property, but does repairs for storm damaged dunes?
The funding must be utilized by local municipalities, who have actual ownership of land that is publicly accessible for improvement.
3. Would a sea oat’s planting project be eligible for these grant funds?
We are focusing this funding on planning-type projects, so I don’t think that would be as highly ranked as others more closely aligned to the focus areas.
4. Are other DEP entities able to apply and receive these funds?
We are focusing on assisting local governments with projects that will inject resilience into their comprehensive plans.  The local governments are our preferred applicants.
5. Would funding be allowed for purposes to plan/permit medium-scale living shorelines (as long as we can sufficiently describe how it fits into a priority area)?
You are welcome to apply and provide your description on how your plan would fit into a priority area. Keep in mind that it may not be as highly ranked as others more closely aligned to the focus areas.
6. Are grant submissions from a consulting firm on behalf of their client (local government) acceptable?
All applications must be submitted by the actual grantee (local government).  The Grantee is responsible for all correspondence with DEP.
7. Item I.c. on the Evaluation Form identifies scores based on page limit, but in the application instructions it indicates a word/page limit of the Work Plan (Project Abstract) Section #1 and #2 (Project Description).  Is there another section or overall word/page limit that is applicable?
The Application Instructions indicates each section that has a page/word limit(s).  The Evaluation Form is an overall review of the application meeting the specific limits that are identified per the application instructions.
8. When does the work need to be completed on this RPG?
The RPG’s must have all the work completed by June 30, 2019.  There are no extensions available for this grant.
9. Can these funds be utilized for construction projects?
The RPG funds are not approved for an construction projects.

10. May applications be completed by joint neighboring cities?
Applications are only for one entity.
11. Are subcontractors subject to the same restrictions of funding (salary, fringe, contractual and direct) as the Grantee?
The Grantee must adhere to the language in the agreement with DEP that dictates specific details with regards to subcontracting.  However, DEP does not dictate financial arrangements between the Grantee and the subcontractor.
12. How does the Grantee show proof of a local government participating as a partner for the grant?
Grantee’s must provide to DEP, written documentation that the local government has agreed to participate with them on the grant.  The documentation must stipulate what form of participation that local government will be providing.

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