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Catamaran Boat Yard

Catamaran Boat Yard ("Facility") is a large boat yard located on two adjacent parcels on the Oceanside of Key Largo, at 97951 & 97901 Overseas Highway, Key Largo, FL 33037. Most of the boats using the Facility are stored on the upland areas (dry storage) and the customers are allowed to perform “do-it-yourself” maintenance on their vessels. The facility also has a marina with a large boat ramp, a boat travel lift and accessory docks.  During April and May 2018, the Department received complaints from the State Attorney’s Office and from an adjacent land owner about improper management and disposal of wastes at the Facility and on the adjacent parcel. The Department conducted an inspection on May 15, 2018 to address the issues raised in the complaints. The inspection revealed violations of Department rules including improper management and disposal of used oil and solid wastes, failure to obtain NPDES permits to address runoff from the boat yard and boat cleaning activities, failure to comply with ERP permit conditions for a concrete accessory dock and placing fill on wetlands without the required Department permits. The Department’s South District Office issued a warning letter to the Facility on August 1, 2018 including the results of the inspection and a request for corrective actions. The Department staff also met with the Facility representatives on site to discuss the warning letter and the required corrective actions. Recent inspections revealed that some of the required corrective actions had not been completed as of December 2018. The Department issued a follow-up letter on January 11, 2019 including the results of the most recent inspection and including a deadline for completion of all remaining corrective actions to achieve compliance.

Facility/Site ID Facility Name Facility Address Program Comments
ERP_328895 My Family Trust 97901 Overseas Hwy ERP Contains the current ERP compliance records
ERP_222321 Rock Harbor Marina Rental (Boats & Tires Marina) 97951 Overseas Hwy ERP Contains 2010 ERP permit doc (002)
ERP_176497 Rock Harbor Marina Rentals Inc. (Stoia) 97951 Overseas Hwy ERP 2002 ERP dock permit (002)
FLR000148205 Catamaran B.Y. INC. 97951 Overseas Hwy HW Waste Program compliance records
FLR05G438 AAAA Boats & Tires 97951 Overseas Hwy NPDES_SW NPDES 2006 compliance records
FLR05I271 Catamaran Boat Yard 97951 Overseas Hwy NPDES_SW NPDES 2018 permitting records
97644 Catamaran Boatyard (FKA Rock Harbor Marina Rentals Inc.) 97951 Overseas Hwy SW Waste Program compliance records
8511932 Rogers Marina 97951 Overseas Hwy TK Fuel Storage Tank compliance records

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