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Community Update - Dunbar Area Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys

The Department of Environmental Protection has completed its review and analysis of the GPR data retrieved from parcels in and around South Street in Fort Myers from Aug. 16-18, 2017.  

The report has been reviewed by agency experts and the final report is now available. 

The final report can be accessed here.

The final report will also be provided directly to property owners.

Summary of Findings

The data indicates that:

  • Most detections of possible buried objects were at the near surface, less than 6 feet, which would not be indicative of a former dump site.

  • Within the 25 residential properties surveyed, a total of 59 possible buried objects were identified. These results did not identify evidence of any former dump sites.  The data suggest, based on size and depth (small objects at shallow depth), that any identified possible buried objects appear consistent with what would be expected as a result of home construction activities.

  • The GPR data was not able to conclusively determine the thickness of the lime sludge at the South Street site. The core drilling planned as part of the city's assessment will be able to assist with this determination. This assessment plan requires the city to drill until it reaches a depth at which no more sludge is encountered.

When Reviewing this Final Report

Conclusive identification of a specific object by GPR data alone is nearly impossible. The GPR data is rather a starting point for further investigations of the possible buried objects, if desired.

The size of the dots on the maps noting anomalies, such as a possible buried object, reflect the accuracy of the Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) reading, not the size of the potential buried object.

While the GPR can detect relatively small objects, such as a soda can, the size of any detected possible buried object is relative to depth. The shallower the object is, the smaller the possible buried object that can be identified; conversely, the deeper the object is, the larger it must be to be detected.

Residents with questions concerning the draft report should contact:

Terry Cerullo - Ombudsman, DEP South District Office

Phone: 239-344-5647


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December 18, 2017 - 8:15am

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