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State Water Quality Restoration Grants

Annually, the state Legislature provides funding for the implementation of best management practices, such as regional stormwater treatment facilities, designed to reduce pollutant loads to impaired waters from urban stormwater discharges. This funding is administered by the Nonpoint Source Management Program as the state's Total Maximum Daily Load Water Quality Restoration Grant (TMDL Grant) under Chapter 62-305, F.A.C.

Who is Eligible

  •  Local governments
  •  Water management districts

What is Eligible

Applicants are eligible for the Total Maximum Daily Load Water Quality Restoration Grant for the following types of projects:

  • The project reduces stormwater pollutant loadings from urban areas that discharge to waterbodies on the state’s verified list of impaired waters.
  • The project is at least at the 60 percent design phase.
  • The project is permitted or the permit has been scheduled for approval at the next meeting of the water management district governing board or department.
  • The project includes storm event monitoring to determine the actual load reduction.
  • The construction will be completed within three years of appropriation of the funds by the Legislature in order to ensure fund remain available.
  • The applicant provides a minimum of 50 percent of the total project cost in matching funds, of which at least 25 percent are provided by the local government.
  • The grant funds are used for construction of best management practices, monitoring to determine pollutant load reductions, or public education activities specifically associated with the project and may only occur after the date of contract. Funds spent in advance of contract may be used for match, such as design, land acquisition and other costs incurred by the applicant.

Project Ranking and Selection

The criteria for project evaluation and ranking include:

  • Impairment status of the receiving water body.
  • Estimated load reduction of the pollutants of concern.
  • Percentage of local matching funds.
  • Cost effectiveness based on the cost per pound of total nitrogen and/or total phosphorus removed per acre treated.
  • Inclusion of a robust educational component.
  • Whether the local government sponsor has implemented a dedicated funding source for stormwater management, such as a stormwater utility fee.

How to Apply

To apply for a grant, submit a Total Maximum Daily Load Water Quality Restoration Grant Application Form. Be sure to read the instructions and the associated guidance to ensure the project description complies with recent changes in state law. Applications are continually accepted and projects are ranked in during the current advertised review period. Additional information must also be submitted with the grant application form on the TMDL Grant Application Supplemental Information Document. The link to find the 12-digit Hydrologic Unit Codes (HUC) and longitude and latitudes can be found here.

All applications must be submitted electronically to the Grant Coordinator in the Nonpoint Source Management Program. Please note in the subject line “TMDL Grant Submittal-Month Year” plus the name of the project.  


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