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Even though every day is Earth Day at the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and we work year-round to protect and restore Florida’s natural resources, Earth Day is officially celebrated on April 22.

The best way to truly appreciate the importance of our work is to go outdoors! For Earth Day 2024, DEP coordinated with Florida State Parks to host nine regional cleanups for staff. Cleanups involved native landscaping, beach cleanups, trail maintenance and invasive plant removal.

Earth Day 2024 Events.png

Additionally, many staff participated in Earth Day educational exhibits, activities and events. Select staff were also asked to judge DEP’s Earth Day Poster Contest which received a record number of submissions! Check out our three state winners below.

2024 Earth Day Poster Contest

This Earth Day, DEP recognized Florida’s efforts in sustaining our air, water, land and ecosystems by hosting a poster contest for students in 4th through 12th grades. Students were invited to design a poster that encourages environmental awareness using DEP’s Earth Day theme, “Clean is Green: Preserving Florida’s Future.”

Statewide winning artwork was selected from each grade group (4th through 5th grades, 6th through 8th grades, and 9th through 12th grades) and winners will receive a full-size printed poster of their artwork in addition to Florida State Park entrance passes. Congratulations to all our winners!

Statewide Winners 2024 Earth Day Poster Contest

EARTH DAY Elementary Winner 2024

Elementary School Winner

Salet, 5th Grade, 

Bay Crest Elementary School

"Make the World Better"

EARTH DAY Middle School Winner 2024

Middle School Winner

Phoebe, 8th Grade, 

Sarasota School of Arts and Sciences

“Earth Needs Our Help”

EARTH DAY High School Winner 2024

High School Winner

Katarina, 10th Grade, 

William T. Dwyer High School

“Preserve Florida’s Beauty”

Practice Every Day is Earth Day

Protecting our Earth, Economy and Future

  • DEP works year-round to protect and restore Florida’s natural resources by:    

  • Providing recreational opportunities for the public to enjoy Florida’s natural resources through the Florida State Parks.

  • Conserving the state’s natural and cultural history by acquiring environmentally sensitive lands.  

  • Using science to identify impaired water bodies and work with local communities to implement restoration and pollution prevention projects.  

  • Investing in our water quality protection and restoration projects. 

  • Regulating air emissions sources to protect air quality.  

  • Working with communities to identify and implement projects to improve resilience. 

  • Communicating real-time water quality status to Florida residents and other interested parties.

  • Enforcing the state’s environmental laws.  

We can all take steps individually that positively impact our community and our shared environment. Remember, even small actions can make a big impact.

Statewide Winners 2023 Earth Day Poster Contest

 EARTH DAY 2023 Poster Contest Winners

Statewide Winners 2022 Earth Day Poster Contest 

EARTH DAY 2022 Poster Contest Winners



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