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Petroleum Restoration Program

The Petroleum Restoration Program encompasses the technical oversight, management, and administrative activities necessary to prioritize, assess and clean up sites contaminated by discharges of petroleum and petroleum products from stationary petroleum storage systems. These sites include those determined eligible for state-funded cleanup using qualified contractors selected through competitive procurement or selected by the property owner or responsible party and state lead contractors under direct contract with the department, as well as non-program or voluntary cleanup sites that are funded by responsible parties.

Areas of Interest

CLM - Contamination Locator Map - Locate sites that are currently under DEP's cleanup oversight.

OCULUS - DEP's electronic document management system for site files.

ADaPT - Automated Data Processing Tool - Application to evaluate analytical data from water and soil samples for quality assurance.

Institutional Controls Registry & Guidance - Provides information on properties with recorded institutional controls.

DEP Information Portal - Web application which allows the public to search and retrieve information and documents related to facilities or properties.

Program Progress and Financial Information

Additional Areas of Interest

  • Priority Score Funding Threshold History
  • Petroleum Cleanup Programs
    • Eligibility Programs [EDI, PLRIP, ATRP, PCPP]
    • Advanced Cleanup (AC) Program
    • Performance Based Cleanup (PBC)
    • Low-Scored Site Initiative (LSSI) Program
    • Low-Scored Assessment (LSA)
    • Innovative Technology Initiative (ITECH)
    • Site Rehabilitation Funding Allocation (SRFA)
    • Free Product Recovery Initiative (FPRI)
    • Springshed Initiative
    • Ability to Pay Information
    • Conditional Closure Agreement (CCA) Program
    • Preapproval Program SOP

MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP) Requirements

The Department of Environment Protection requires that all vendors doing business with the Petroleum Cleanup Program be registered through MyFloridaMarketPlace. If you have not taken this step, please register at MyFloridaMarketPlace


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