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PRP Site Manager Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Site Manager Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

The PRP Site Manager SOP is a guide to assist Site Managers and other Program staff with navigating a Petroleum Restoration Program site through the cleanup and closure process.

SOP Site Manager Guide (Updated 12/20/19)

SOP Site Manager Assessment Guide

SOP Site Manager Remediation Guide

SOP Site Manager Monitoring Guide

SOP Site Manager Closure Guide

LSSI SOP and Site Manager Guide

SOP General Information Topics

  1. Introduction - IPTF, Eligibility and Funding Assistance

  2. Cleanup Program Summaries - and Resolving Questions About Discharges and Eligibilities

  3. Deductibles and CAPs

  4. Site Priority Score and Priority Score Order

  5. Cleanup Phase, Sub-Phase and Activities

  6. Site Assignment

  7. Contractor Qualifications

  8. Contractor Assignment and Selection Process

  9. Site Access - including Off-Site Access, State-Owned Lands and CSX Access

  10. Subcontractor Procedures

  11. Contractor Performance

  12. Site Visits and Site Inspections

  13. Communications

  14. State-Owned Equipment

  15. Utility Accounts

  16. Permits

  17. Utility Clearance

  18. Professional Land Survey

  19. Disposal of Contaminated Media & IDW

  20. Top of Casing Survey

  21. Notices

  22. Environmental Forensic Site Investigation and Other Technical Support Services Contract

  23. Legal Notes

  24. eQuotes

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