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PRP Site Manager Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Site Manager Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

The PRP Site Manager SOP is a guide to assist Site Managers and other Program staff with navigating a Petroleum Restoration Program site through the cleanup and closure process.

SOP Site Manager Guide (Updated 02/19/19)

SOP Site Manager Assessment Guide

SOP Site Manager Remediation Guide

SOP Site Manager Monitoring Guide

SOP Site Manager Closure Guide

SOP LSSI Site Manager Guide - New 3/13/19

SOP General Information Topics

  1. Introduction - IPTF, Eligibility and Funding Assistance

  2. Cleanup Program Summaries - and Resolving Questions About Discharges and Eligibilities

  3. Deductibles and CAPs

  4. Site Priority Score and Priority Score Order

  5. Cleanup Phase, Sub-Phase and Activities

  6. Site Assignment

  7. Contractor Qualifications

  8. Contractor Assignment and Selection Process

  9. Site Access - including Off-Site Access, State-Owned Lands and CSX Access

  10. Subcontractor Procedures

  11. Contractor Performance

  12. Site Visits and Site Inspections

  13. Communications

  14. State-Owned Equipment

  15. Utility Accounts

  16. Permits

  17. Utility Clearance

  18. Professional Land Survey

  19. Disposal of Contaminated Media & IDW

  20. Top of Casing Survey

  21. Notices

  22. Environmental Forensic Site Investigation and Other Technical Support Services Contract

  23. Legal Notes

  24. eQuotes (Updated 11/1/18)


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