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Petroleum Cleanup Programs

Eligibility Programs

Other Funding Mechanisms for Eligible Sites

  • Advanced Cleanup (AC) Program - An opportunity for site rehabilitation to be conducted by an ATC selected by the responsible party at sites eligible for funding under EDI, ATRP, PLRIP or PCPP.

  • Performance Based Cleanup (PBC) - Cleanup in which the payments are made based upon successful completion of milestones (measured progress toward reaching the negotiated endpoint).

  • Low-Scored Site Initiative (LSSI) Program - Voluntary program with limited funding intended to bring discharges at low-scored (scored < 29 points) sites to closure via Site Rehabilitation Completion Order, LSSI No Further Action or conditional closure.

  • Low-Scored Assessment (LSA) - Site characterization conducted to determine the current status/risk of eligible discharges at sites below the current funding priority score.

  • Innovative Technology Initiative (ITECH) - Initiative utilizing state funds for petroleum contamination cleanup site assessment and rehabilitation activities using contractors that employ non-traditional or innovative technologies approved by DEP.

  • Site Rehabilitation Funding Allocation (SRFA) - Mechanism to combine the cleanup efforts when a new ineligible discharge occurs at a site and is mingled with pre-existing contamination that has been determined eligible for state-funded cleanup.

  • Free Product Recovery Initiative (FPRI) - Initiative to encourage the removal of free product from petroleum-contaminated sites in advance of their priority score.

  • Springshed Initiative - Initiative utilizing state funds for petroleum contamination assessment and remediation at site identified within vulnerable spring areas.

  • Ability to Pay (ATP) Information - A financial affidavit can be submitted to document a responsible party's inability to pay for the costs associated with ATRP or PCPP eligible sites.

Conditional Closure Agreement (CCA) Program

Allows the owner to recommend an Agency Term Contractor to conduct cleanup activities at an eligible site if the owner qualifies and records a Declaration of Interim Restrictive Covenant and agrees to a conditional closure.

Preapproval Program

The Petroleum Preapproval Program ended June 30, 2013. Information contained in the Preapproval Program SOP may no longer be applicable.

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