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Petroleum Liability & Restoration Insurance Program (PLRIP)

Petroleum Liability and Restoration Insurance Program 1988‑1998

The Petroleum Liability and Restoration Insurance Program (PLRIP) was created in its original form in 1988 in response to anticipated federal financial responsibility requirements.

In the 1988 time period there were few, if any, private insurers writing coverage for petroleum-contaminated sites. PLRIP provided petroleum facilities that were in state regulatory compliance eligibility to purchase $1 million in pollution liability protection from a state-contracted insurer. PLRIP also provided $1 million worth of site restoration coverage either through reimbursement or state cleanup.

In 1992, with commercial liability insurance available in the marketplace, legislation was passed to return the responsibility for site cleanup to the responsible party and to phase out the department's participation in the restoration insurance program by the end of 1998.

Please see section 376.3072, Florida Statutes, for all statutory requirements.

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