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Deputy Secretary for Ecosystems Restoration

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Trina Vielhauer
Interim Deputy Secretary for Ecosystems Restoration

Trina also currently serves as director for the Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Water Restoration Assistance. She previously served DEP as Deputy Director of the Division of Environmental Assessment and Restoration. Before that, she was the Deputy Director for the Division of Air Resource Management and the Bureau Chief for the Bureau of Air Regulation, responsible for air permitting and compliance activities. Prior to embarking on program area activities, Trina served as a senior general counsel in DEP’s Office of General Counsel (water and air enforcement) and an Assistant Attorney General at Ohio’s Attorney General’s Office (solid waste, hazardous waste and air enforcement). Trina holds a Bachelor of Science in environmental science from Bowling Green State University and obtained a dual Master of Arts (public policy)/Juris Doctor degree from the Ohio State University.

Ecosystems Restoration Programs:

  • The Office of Ecosystem Projects plays a key role in improving water quality and restoring the hydrology and ecology of America’s Everglades.
  • The Office of Resilience and Coastal Protection coordinates the protection of the state’s coastal resources, including submerged lands and coastal uplands, aquatic preserves and national estuarine research reserves, and coral reef resources.
  • The Division of Environmental Assessment and Restoration monitors and assesses Florida’s surface water and groundwater quality; develops strategies to resolve water quality issues; and implements those strategies in partnership with local stakeholders.
  • The Division of Water Restoration Assistance provides grants and loans to local governments, utilities and other agencies for projects that improve the quality and quantity of the state’s water resources and benefit the environment and local communities.
  • The Office of Water Policy addresses statewide water management issues in coordination with Florida's five water management districts and other agencies and partners.

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