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ITECH - Innovative Technology Initiative

The Innovative Technology Initiative (ITECH) established funds for use during 2016 and 2017 that may be utilized by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for petroleum contamination cleanup site assessment and rehabilitation activities using contractors that employ non-traditional or innovative technologies approved by DEP. Participation in the ITECH project is voluntary, the funds are not applied toward a funding cap, and ITECH does not require a co-payment from the property owner and/or responsible party.

For the purposes of ITECH, non-traditional or innovative technologies are those methods, processes and techniques that are used for the cleanup of contaminated groundwater and/or soil by means other than the traditional remedial technologies. Respondents shall propose a process that has been tested and used as a treatment for contamination, but lacks an established history of full-scale use and information about its cost and effectiveness, sufficient to support prediction of its performance under a variety of operating conditions. However, an innovative technology that enhances traditional technologies may include, but may not be limited to, the following:

  • Groundwater extraction.
  • Air sparge/soil vapor extraction (includes bio-sparging).
  • Soil vapor extraction alone.
  • Dual phase or multi-phase extraction.
  • Extraction (conventional or large-diameter auger).

A current accepted product/process list may be found on the Petroleum Restoration Program Innovative Technology Acceptance Program webpage.

Awarded ITECH Projects

County Facility # Facility Name City
12 8503488 S&S #323 Lake City
16 8506989 Giant #361 Jacksonville
32 9202390 Ezell Store Graceville
37 8510233 Circle K Tallahassee
37 8510250 Shell-Five Points Tallahassee
37 8510368 Raceway #854 Tallahassee
37 9501509 Hayes Grocery Tallahassee
43 8735520 Tropical Plantation Farms Palm City
52 8944207 Marathon Nick's #333 Dunedin
62 8517046 Shell-McClellan Perry

Documentation and reports related to these projects may be found in OCULUS; search by Profile, Cleanup_Remediation using the 7-digit facility number.

To access awarded ITECH solicitations, visit the Vendor Bid System Main Menu


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