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Low-Scored Assessment (LSA)

Flowing rapids on the Aucilla RiverLow-Scored Assessment (LSA) allocates cleanup funds to characterize the risk at sites with priority scores below the priority score funding threshold. Site owners are contacted to request site access, and PRP will then assign the LSA work to an agency term contractor. Cost share requirements are not applicable during LSA activities. Funds used for LSA do count toward the funding cap for the site.

LSA investigation will be used to determine the current status of low-scored discharges, and characterize the impacts into one of the following categories:

  • Closure Order – if data indicates that the discharge has no exceedances of petroleum cleanup target levels, a closure order can be approved and the discharge will be removed from the list of funded sites awaiting cleanup.

  • Long-term Natural Attenuation Monitoring (LTNAM) – if data indicates that petroleum concentration exceeds cleanup target levels, but do not qualify for active remediation, LTNAM activities will occur after the site becomes eligible based on the priority ranking score.

  • Await Cleanup in Priority Score Order – if data indicates that conditions do not warrant funding cleanup out of priority order and the site does not qualify for LTNAM or closure, additional cleanup activities will continue after the site becomes eligible for funding based on priority ranking score.

  • Department Discretion – if data indicates that the discharge is a threat to human health or the environment, approval for funding out of priority order can be approved.

 The following documents originally developed for Site Characterization Screening (SCS) apply to LSA.

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