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Watershed Services Program

The Watershed Services Program (WSP) provides data management, support and analyses to DEAR, DEP and the public through two sections: the GIS section and the WIN section. WSP also manages WIN database development projects and assists DEAR with other data management initiatives. 

GIS Section 

The GIS Section provides quality assurance checking and editing of geospatial data, data analysis, and support to a wide range of DEP, DEAR and public activities. GIS section activities include:
  • Providing support to the full assessment and restoration process, including standards, Impaired Waters Rule (IWR), Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL), and Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP) GIS-related tools, data analyses, data layer and map development;

    • Providing analysis and map-making support for criteria development purposes;
    • Providing coding and support for assessment tools and projects, such as the Landscape Development Intensity (LDI) index and the Lake Vegetative Index (LVI);
    • Providing support to and development of Waterbody ID (WBID) GIS layers for IWR runs;
    • Providing support to the TMDL process from the assessment through development;
    • Providing support to the BMAP implementation process;
    • Developing, updating, and maintaining DEAR GIS data layers;
  • Serving as the Florida stewards of the National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) through a memorandum of understanding with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS);
  • Updating the Land Use Land Cover (LULC) for the Florida Panhandle area;
  • Serving as the DEAR GIS Coordinator for division interaction with OTIS GIS;
  • Providing GIS training for DEAR and DEP staff as requested;
  • Supporting DEAR mapping requests from legislative needs to meeting room statewide murals to creating model;
  • Providing WIN implementation support.

WIN section 

WIN, the Watershed Information Network, is the successor environmental database to Florida STORET. Through both the WIN and Florida STORET databases, the WIN section implements Florida statutory requirements, DEP rule requirements, and U.S. EPA funding requirements for management of environmental (non-regulatory databases) data for the state.  This includes management of data provided by both internal (e.g., DEAR programs, Regional Operations Centers) and external (e.g., Water Management Districts, counties, local governments, volunteer organizations).
The WIN section works with internal and external data providers to implement WIN through data quality standards and rules, training, database maintenance and enhancements, and documentation maintenance. WIN Coordinators assist data providers with loading their data to WIN, and providing assistance to them on data quality assurance, integrity, and data maintenance. Each WIN Coordinator works with data providers in assigned areas aligned by DEP Regulatory Districts. A list of WIN Coordinators, their assigned districts, and contact information are provided here. Additionally, WIN Coordinators assist data users with database-related inquiries, including data extraction, such as through the STORET Public Access (SPA) site, or the WIN Reports (WIN).
The work of the WIN section supports a wide range of DEP and DEAR activities. Those activities include, but are not limited to providing data for use in:
  • Development and assessment of water quality criteria, including Site Specific Alternative Criteria (SSAC);
  • Assessment of Florida surface waters for purposes of IWR determinations;
  • Development of TMDLs;
  • BMAP implementation.
WIN section staff upload Florida STORET and WIN data to the U.S. EPA Water Quality Exchange (WQX) per U.S. EPA 106 grant requirements. They also provide subject matter expertise to future WIN Phases, and WIN-relevant projects.
Watershed Services Program
Bob Martinez Center
2600 Blair Stone Road, MS 3526
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2400
Denise Miller
Program Administrator
Janis Morrow
Environmental Administrator
Julie Zimmerman
Environmental Administrator

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