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WIN, the Watershed Information Network, provides a modernized centralized environmental data management platform (excluding regulatory databases) as a successor to Florida STORET (STOrage and RETrieval)

WIN provides front-end quality assurance, data input, storage, and reporting of surface water (and including sediment and fish tissue) and ground water data. WIN provides a platform for data providers to submit their data and perform data quality checking interactively prior to allowing the data to be migrated into the published WIN environment. WIN is used to store and manage data, and to report data to interested users and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

We welcome all data providers to WIN, including past data providers to Florida STORET and new data providers. All data providers need to first register their organization in WIN to upload data, so please contact your WIN Coordinators to register your organization if you have not already done so. Your data are crucial to our mission to provide sound environmental stewardship for Florida. 

Information on WIN (e.g., standards, frequently asked questions, example data templates) is available. WIN Coordinators are available to assist you in registering your organization and using WIN. 

Data uploads must be made to WIN from here forward; Florida STORET is no longer available for data uploads. Florida STORET remains available for data extractions (through STORET Public Access, SPA).

Through both the WIN and Florida STORET databases, the WIN section in the DEP Division of Environmental Assessment and Restoration (DEAR) Watershed Services Program implements Florida statutory requirements, DEP rule requirements and U.S. EPA funding requirements for management of environmental (non-regulatory) data for the state. Through these databases, your data support a wide range of DEP, DEAR and public uses, including but not limited to providing data for use in:

  • Development and assessment of water quality criteria, including Site Specific Alternative Criteria (SSAC).
  • Assessment of Florida surface waters for purposes of Impaired Waters Rule (IWR) determinations.
  • Development of Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs).
  • Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP) implementation.

Your data contributions help DEP better assess the quality of waters for basins in your area. The data you and other organizations provide to WIN and Florida STORET are available for browsing and downloading through WIN reports or SPA. Your data is needed and appreciated.

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May 31, 2023 - 9:13am

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