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Federal Release Requirements

Reportable Substances Triggers Immediately Report To

Air Pollutants 1

Any emission exceeding any permit condition or limit.

Implementing Agency 1


Release of a RQ into the environment. 

Continuous release of a RQ into the environment. 2



Excursions HS

RQ of aHS. 

Any excursion exceeding any permit condition or limit (NPDES, Pretreatment Limits)

Local/State Authorities 

EPA regional Office3

Oil (including petroleum fuel oil, sludge, oil refuse, oil mixed with waste, etc.)

Spill into or upon the navigable waters ( including surface water, drainage ditches, etc.) or into or upon adjoining shorelines.4


Local/State Authorities

Hazardous Material (including HW) (Special reporting requirements for releases from pipelines are not  included in this table)

A person is killed.

A person is injured requiring hospitalization.

Property damage exceeds 50,000.

Transportation arteries are closed > one hour.

Evacuate general public > one hour.

Fire, release, or contamination involving either radioactive material or etiological agents.

In the judgment of the carrier there exists a continuing danger to life.


Local/State Authorities



Release of a RQ into the environment. 

Continuous release of a RQ into the environment.2



Hazardous Waste

Any release, fire, or explosion that could threaten human health or the environment outside the facility.

Report any off-site release from a TSD Facility > RQ.

Any release to the environment from a  HW Tank or secondary containment  system ( within 24 hours).


Local/State Authorities

UST site or the surrounding area ( CERCLA HS & Petroleum Product)

At an UST site or the surrounding area: 

Spill or overfill of a CERCLA HS > RQ or spill or overfilled of a petroleum product > 25 gallon or that causes a sheen.



PCBs (At concentrations >   50 ppm)

Release 10 lbs or more or a PCB (Note: PCB is also a CERCLA HS; RQ is a 1 pound)

EPA Regional Office3

Local/State Authorities

1. See State Implementation Plan (SIP) and/or your facility's permit condition
2. Follow up report to LEPC, SERC and EPA Region
3. As soon as possible but not later then 24 hours
4. For Outer Continental Shelf spills notify the OCS District Office/ Supervisor

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