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#FGSRocks Campaign

#FGSRocks Campaign

The #FGSRocks Campaign is an interactive 'hide and seek' with rocks painted by visitors of the Florida Geological Survey 2018 Open House event. If you find a rock with #FGSRocks written on the back, feel free to take it with you and hide it somewhere else! Make sure to use the rock number on the back and fill out the #FGSRocks survey to help us keep track of how far the rocks travel! Like most rocks, they have traveled tens, hundreds, even thousands of miles before they are found!

If you helped paint a rock, you can track how far your rock traveled as well!

Fill in the survey below or go to the #FGSRocks Survey in another screen.

#FGSRocks Survey

You can track your rock using the results dashboard.

There aren’t many rules to the game, but here are a few answers to questions you might have:

I found a rock I really love, do I have to hide it again or can I keep it? You can keep it! If it made you happy, brightened your day, then it’s done its job. However, you’re highly encouraged to hide the rock again anywhere you want! It doesn’t have to be in your community, so get creative and see how far it can travel! If you love it too much to part with, you can paint a new rock and hide that one! Just make sure that you write #FGSRocks and the same number that is on the rock you are keeping, on the back of the new one.

Can I make my own rock and hide it? Absolutely! We want the Earth and geology to inspire everyone, so if you are feeling up to it, make your own! If you do, make sure you write #FGSRocks on the back as well as a number above 1000 and your initials (i.e. 1241LH). Make sure you fill out the #FGSRocks survey if you make a new one so we can keep track of how many we have and where they travel to.

Do I have to post on Facebook or social media when I find a rock? Nope, but it’s really fun to connect with others in the community when you do. Make sure to use #FGSRocks and the number on the rock if you post on social media to share and see how far the rocks travel! It’s also enjoyable for the person who created the rock to see where it’s traveled to. Make sure you fill out the #FGSRocks survey so we can track how far they travel!

The information collected is only to help us track where and how far the rocks have traveled and requires no personal information! This data and information is collected at the sole discretion of those who are willing to participate. This survey is not required to play the game. Feel free to hide the rock even if you don't want to complete the survey!

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