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This is a monthly campaign to promote and share the benefits of Outdoor Recreation and Health. Each month we share the importance of Outdoor Recreation for health and wellness in a witty and fun way. These efforts are to help fulfill the following: Florida Statutes: Chapter 260 Florida Statutes, the Florida Greenways and Trails Act To accomplish this, Greenways and Trails has been. given the responsibility of leading, planning and facilitating the development of an interconnected. Florida Greenways and Trails System. Florida Statutes Section 258.004 - Duties Of Division. (Fla. Stat. § 258.004) (3) The Division of Recreation and Parks shall study and appraise the recreation needs of the state and assemble and disseminate information relative to recreation. Florida Greenways & Trails System Plan 2019-2023 Strategy: Engage federal, state and local stakeholders to facilitate statewide and local promotion of trails and trail segments within the Florida Greenways and Trails System Goal 3: Promote the Florida Greenways and Trails System to residents and visitors Objective 3.2: Develop and implement an integrated marketing plan and strategy to enhance communication with stakeholders 3.2.4 Encourage partnership engagement for trail development by facilitating educational programs, workshops, webinars and summits to share strategies and provide targeted information to partners Objective 3.4: Promote the Florida Greenways and Trails Priority System to advance Florida's economy, tourism, health, transportation, recreation, conservation and quality of life. 3.4.6: Organize a statewide summit DRP FY 20/21 Stakeholder Benefits Objective: Outdoor Florida - DEP/DRP will plan and promote resource-based outdoor recreation and access to state and local conservation lands while implementing the Florida Greenways and Trails System and communicating the health and fitness benefits of outdoor recreation. Initiative: Launch and conduct an ongoing external education program in coordination with other providers to promote health and fitness benefits of resource-based outdoor recreation. Measure: Presentations at Healthy Outdoor Recreation events organized through partnerships with stakeholders.
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