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Estimated Project Budget Guide

The definitions and allowable expenses that are provided below are to help complete the Clean Vessel Act Grant Application ‘Estimated Project Budget’ table.

Note: Every project is unique, and some of the information provided may not apply to your specific project. For more information or help estimating the cost of the pumpout project, please contact the Clean Vessel Act office.

What is a category?

The Clean Vessel Act Grant Program uses budget categories to break down what each task will entail for the proposed pumpout project. These categories will be used to draw up an agreement for your pumpout project and for future reimbursement of the corresponding project task.
Miscellaneous Expenses
Miscellaneous Expenses are used for permits, signage, and educational materials task funding.
Contractual Services
Use Contractual Services when an outside vendor will be hired to perform the work outlined in the corresponding task.
Use Salaries when in-house labor will be used to perform the work outlined in the corresponding task.
Supplies is to be used when in-house staff will be conducting repairs to the system. This budget category will fund the replacement parts, extra hoses, etc., to repair and maintain the pumpout system.
For purchasing a pumpout or any other equipment that directly relates to the pumpout system.

Why is it important to have the correct budget categories?

Budget categories in our contracts indicate what can and cannot be funded. In the application process, we will approve your budget, with the corresponding budget category. If the application is approved for funding to hire an outside vendor, the facility will only be able to be reimbursed for hiring an outside vendor. The facility will not be able to be reimbursed if it has approved funds for an outside vendor and chose to install the equipment using in-house staff instead.

What does each task involve?

  • Permits – funding can cover city, county and state permitting fees pertaining directly to the pumpout system’s installation and operation.
  • Site Preparation – funding covers any work done to allow the installation of the equipment being purchased in the project. This task can involve many different things, depending on the project. Funds can be digging trenches for piping and engineering plans to design and plan for the pumpout equipment installation.
  • Renovation – funding covers work to be done to an existing pumpout system or project site to prepare for the installation of new pumpout equipment.
  • Equipment Purchase – funding covers the purchase - as well as the sales tax, and delivery fees to get the equipment to the facility - of any authorized pumpout equipment. Authorized pumpout equipment can be portable pumpout carts, stationary pumpout systems, pumpout vessels, dump stations, lift stations, meters to accurately measure gallons pumped, run time counters or holding tanks. To get an estimate for how many dump out stations, pumpout stations, or pumpout vessels you may need click here
  • Equipment Installation – funding covers the cost of installing the plumbing and/or electric to the pumpout equipment. It can also cover the training of pumpout operators.
  • Operations – funding covers the salaries of the facility’s workers when operating the pumpout equipment and/or pumpout vessels.
  • Maintenance and Repairs – funding covers the costs to maintain and repair a pumpout system. The facility can hire an outside vendor to do routine maintenance and repairs to the system. The facility can also use in-house staff members to maintain and repair the system.
  • Sewage Hauling – funding covers the cost to hire a licensed contractor to haul the facility’s sewage, collected from a permitted holding tank, to a permitted wastewater treatment facility or sewage transfer station.
  • Pumpout Signage – funding covers the purchase, supplies and installation of the programmatic signs required to be posted when receiving grant funding from our office. Click here to view the signage requirements.
  • Educational and Instructional Materials – funding covers the purchase of educational and instructional materials to be distributed to recreational boaters about the Clean Vessel Act, effects of sewage in waterways, and the equipment available for public use.

How do I fill out the ‘Estimated Project Budget’ table?

This table will be used to approve the pumpout project’s budget. Facilities should estimate the 100 percent total cost as close as possible for each task outlined above. Each task should be broken down by the budget categories, also explained above. The lowest quote should be used to estimate the project, if quotes are required. If the facility would like to use the higher quote, please include a statement as to why the facility would like to use the higher quote. The table will automatically calculate the 75 percent and 25 percent amounts, along with the sum totals for each amount. If in-house labor is planned for the project, the ‘Hourly Rate of Pay for Grant Reimbursement’ table should also be filled out (click here for further explanation on how to fill out this table). The total salaries calculated by this table should be inputted into the corresponding task of the ‘Estimated Project Budget’ table.

Grantee Match

Clean Vessel Act Grant applicants must provide at least 25 percent of the installed costs of the pumpout and/or dump out station equipment. This 25 percent match can be cash, the fair market values of any labor or materials provided, or a combination thereof. If the marina staff is doing any portion of the proposed project, the ‘Hourly Rate of Pay for Grant Reimbursement’ table, on page 7 of the application, is to be completed by the grantee to estimate the salary costs.

Expenses Not Eligible for Reimbursement by the CVA grant Program

  • Expenses for construction or any other activity that does not directly relate to the pumpout project
  • Costs associated with pumpout enforcement
  • Fuel
  • Insurance
  • Cell phone services
  • Travel
  • Public restrooms
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Fish cleaning stations
  • Administrative work
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