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The Hourly Rate of Pay for Grant Reimbursement Guide

The following instructions should be used to complete the Clean Vessel Act Grant Application ‘Hourly Rate of Pay for Grant Reimbursement’ table.

Note: This table should be filled out only if the proposed project will be using in-house labor to complete any task listed in the ‘Estimated Project Budget’ table of the CVA grant application.

How many hours should be entered?

The number of hours should reflect work done directly pertaining to the pumpout system only. Do the best you can in estimating how long the employee will spend doing the corresponding task. The program does not cover full-time yearly salaries, only the portion of the time that each employee is working directly with the pumpout equipment.

What does “Position Title” mean?

The position title should correspond to the task that is being funded in the ‘Estimated Project Budget’ table. One employee can be doing operations, along with maintenance and repairs. In order to reflect this in the table, two different position titles should be used: one as an operations worker and another as a maintenance and repair worker. All employees listed must be on the facility’s payroll.

The table has space for only six different positions. If the project requires more than six different positions, please use the Hourly Rate of Pay for Grant Reimbursement Extra Rows Worksheet. Do not forget to submit the worksheet along with the application submission.

What are the approved hourly rate for each position?

Below is a table showing the maximum hourly rate of pay for each position. The employee can be paid less than this maximum. However, if the employee is paid above this range, it will be the grantee’s responsibility to cover the difference in pay. Be sure to indicate the rate of pay that can be reimbursed on the application. If the hourly rate of pay is higher, adjust the pay to be within the approved range listed below.

Position Title

Maximum Hourly Rate of Pay

Site Preparation Worker


Renovation Worker


Equipment Installation Worker


Operations Worker


Maintenance and Repair Worker


Pumpout Signage Worker



What do I do once I have the total salary?

The total salaries should be added up for each corresponding task. Once all workers for each corresponding task is totaled, that number should be input into the task under the salaries budget category.

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