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Pumpout Signage Requirements

Clean Vessel Act Grant Program recipients are required to display signs to inform boaters about a pumpout facility. All facilities awarded CVA funding are required to display a minimum of two signs:

  • The International Pumpout Logo Sign.
  • The CVA Informational Building Placard.

Please email to request the logo files to download that are to be placed on your signs.

International Pumpout Logo Sign Requirements

The sign must be 3 foot by 4 foot and display the International Pumpout Logo (see image below). It should be placed facing the waterway in view of boaters on the waterways.

Use the following guidelines to correctly format the sign:

  • The symbol is black, background is white and border is international orange.
    • There is no standard for the black and white, but use black and white colors, not shades.
    • The standards for the international orange color are as follows:
      • For day boards (signs), use retroreflective international orange film.
      • For paint, use international orange conforming to FED-STD 595B, chip number 12197 in daylight conditions.
      • For inks, use Pantone Matching System color chart 179C.
      • The symbol sign should use reflectorized film or paint, or should be illuminated so it is viewable at night.
    • The following rules govern the graphic reproduction of the symbols:
      • The symbol should not be used smaller than is legible.
      • The size and position relationship of the symbol should not be changed in any way.
      • No portion of the symbol should be obscured by overprinting.
      • The symbol should not be placed where it will be split by unlike backgrounds.
      • The symbol should not be placed on a background that is highly textured or patterned.

A Clean Pumpout sign posted at Mainland Marina in Palm Coast, Florida

The CVA Informational Building Placard Requirements

The informational sign must display hours of operation, pumpout fee, pumpout instructions, operator name and contact number, accrediting logos and accrediting text. This sign should stand about 1" tall and be placed adjacent and in view of the equipment purchased with the grant funds.

Sign Samples:

Florida Inland Navigation District (FIND) Projects

Facilities located along the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway have the chance of being awarded funding with Florida Inland Navigation District (FIND) monies. This is in partnership with the CVA Program, where 75% of the grant award is funded with both CVA funds and FIND funds. These projects are required to give accreditation to both the CVA Program as well as FIND on their information building placard.

Learn more about the FIND program.

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