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Source & Drinking Water Program

Florida Unique Well Identification Program

The Florida Unique Well Identification (FLUWID) Program is a numbering system that provides a means to simplify the identification and exchange of water well information between state agencies and other interested parties.

Under the program, water wells are assigned a unique alphanumeric code called the FLUWID (example: AAA0000). The FLUWID code is printed on a weather-resistant adhesive tag/label and attached to a wellhead.

Water Well Construction Disciplinary Guidelines and Citations Dictionary

The Water Well Construction Disciplinary Guidelines and Citations Dictionary  establishes disciplinary guidelines and recommended fines and license points for violations of any part of Chapter 373, Part III, F.S., Chapters 62-531, 62-532, F.A.C., and the WMD rules for water well construction.  The Citations Dictionary provides the Permitting Authority with specific guidance and recommendations to administer a consistent statewide enforcement program across Water Management District jurisdictional

Water Well Contractor Licensing and Permitting

DEP manages the Water Well Construction Program in close coordination with each of the five state regional water management districts (WMD). As required by statute, DEP has delegated to each of the WMD its authority to implement a program for the licensing of water well contractors and for permitting the location, construction, repair and abandonment of water wells. As a result, all persons applying for a water well contractor license to engage in the business of water well contracting or to renew an existing contractor license must file their application with the WMD where they will perfor

Monitoring Reduction Program

Most Floridians drink water from one of the more than 5,000 Public Water Systems (PWSs) in the state. Public Water Systems range from large community systems such as those found in the city of Jacksonville, to non-transient non-community systems such as schools and factories, to very small transient non-community systems such as campgrounds.


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