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Revisions to Chapter 62-610, F.A.C.

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The rule revisions that went into effect on November 17, 2007, included the following:

  1. Deletion of Rule 62-610.800(10)(a)4, F.A.C. This rule is inconsistent with the directive in 403.064(8), F.S.
  2. Encouragement of metering of reclaimed water in accordance with recent statutory directives in Sections 403.064(16), and 373.1961(4)(a), F.S., and Rule 62-40.416(3), F.A.C.
  3. Revision of Rule 62-610.451, F.A.C., regarding minimum system size.
  4. Deletion of outdated references to Rules 62-550.405, 410, and 415, F.A.C., related to unregulated organic contaminants in Rule 62-610.568(10), F.A.C.
  5. Addition of cross-connection control program requirements to Part II reuse systems that use subsurface irrigation to irrigate residential properties.


The rule revisions that went into effect on March 3, 2006, included the following:

  1. Creation of Rule 62-610.320(6)(g), F.A.C., to enable use of “other” meters (like the so-called “TSS meters”) in lieu of turbidity meters in monitoring reclaimed water. Utilities wanting to employ the so-called “TSS meters” in lieu of turbidity meters no longer will need to pursue a variance.
  2. Creation of Rule 62-610.300(4)(c), F.A.C., to clarify reporting requirements for the annual reclaimed water scans required by Rule 62-601.300(4), F.A.C.
  3. Refinements to the Annual Reuse Report Form [adopted by reference in Rule 62-610.300(4)(a)2, F.A.C.]. This included the addition of requirements for reporting of plans and activities related to metering of reclaimed water use, per statutory requirements, which were added to Section 403.064, F.S., in 2004.
  4. Refinements to the Pathogen Monitoring Form [adopted by reference in Rule 62-610.300(4)(a)4, F.A.C.]. Requirements for use of certified labs and approved methods and for re-testing if high pathogen concentrations are observed were added to this form.


The rule revisions that went into effect on August 8, 1999, included the following:

  1. Refinements to rules governing ground water recharge and indirect potable reuse.
  2. Refinements to disinfection requirements for use of reclaimed water in open cooling towers.
  3. Creation of a rule in Part III governing the use of various water supplies to augment available supplies of reclaimed water.
  4. Creation of a rule in Part III governing aquifer storage & recovery (ASR) of reclaimed water.
  5. Creation of a rule governing blending of demineralization concentrate with reclaimed water.
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