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Clean Waterways Act Stormwater Rulemaking Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

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In 2020, the Florida Legislature passed Senate Bill 712, also known as the Clean Waterways Act, now Chapter 2020-150, Laws of Florida. This legislation passed with unanimous, bipartisan support and carries a wide range of water quality protection provisions aimed at minimizing the impact of known sources of nutrient pollution and strengthening regulatory requirements. Stormwater-related pollution represents one of the largest potential contributors of nutrients throughout the state.

The Clean Waterways Act directed the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and water management districts (WMDs) to update stormwater design and operation regulations under Part IV, Chapter 373, Florida Statutes, using the latest scientific information.

Current Rulemaking Efforts

For current rulemaking efforts please visit: Clean Waterways Act Stormwater Rulemaking Workshop Webpage

TAC Meetings 

Meeting/Notice Agenda Webinar Recording
TAC Meeting 13 - Nov. 2, 2021  Nov. 2, 2021 Meeting 13  Agenda Nov. 2, 2021 TAC 13 Webinar Recording
TAC Meeting 12 - Oct. 4, 2021 Oct. 19, 2021 Meeting 12  Agenda Oct. 19, 2021 TAC 12 Webinar Recording
TAC Meeting 11 - Sep. 14,  2021 Sep. 14, 2021 Meeting 11 Agenda Sep. 14, 2021 TAC 11 Webinar Recording
TAC Meeting 10 - Aug. 11, 2021 Aug. 11, 2021 Meeting 10 Agenda Aug. 11, 2021 TAC 10 Webinar Recording
TAC Meeting 9 - July 19, 2021 July 19, 2021 Meeting 9 Agenda July 19, 2021 TAC 9 Webinar Recording
TAC Meeting 8 - June 30, 2021 June 30, 2021 Meeting 8 Agenda June 30, 2021 TAC 8 Webinar Recording
TAC Meeting 7 - June 9, 2021 June 9, 2021 Meeting 7 Agenda June 9, 2021 TAC 7 Webinar Recording
TAC Meeting 6 - May 21, 2021 May 21, 2021 Meeting 6 Agenda May 21, 2021 TAC 6 Webinar Recording
TAC Meeting 5 - Apr. 28, 2021 Apr. 28, 2021 Meeting 5 Agenda Apr. 28, 2021 TAC 5 Webinar Recording
TAC Meeting 4 - Mar. 25, 2021 Mar. 25, 2021 Meeting 4 Agenda Mar. 25, 2021 TAC 4 Webinar Recording
TAC Meeting 3 - Feb. 25, 2021 Feb. 25, 2021 Meeting 3 Agenda Feb. 25, 2021 TAC 3 Webinar Recording
TAC Meeting 2 - Jan. 27, 2021 Jan. 27, 2021 Meeting 2 Agenda Jan. 27, 2021 TAC 2 Webinar Recording
TAC Meeting 1 - Dec. 15, 2020 Dec. 15, 2020 Meeting 1 Agenda Dec. 15, 2020 TAC 1 Webinar Recording

    TAC Summary Report 

    TAC Purpose and Mission 

    Public input is an important and valued part of all Florida rule development activities. The formation of a TAC provides the department and WMDs with an additional way to seek and receive public input and recommendations during the rule development process. This TAC is focused on the stormwater rulemaking direction in the Clean Waterways Act, specifically section 5, Chapter 2020-150, Laws of Florida, which amends the statewide environmental resource permitting rules in section 373.4131, F.S.

    The mission of the Clean Waterways Act Stormwater TAC is established as follows: 

    The mission of the Clean Waterways Act Stormwater Rulemaking Technical Advisory Committee shall be to provide a forum for identifying and constructively outlining recommendations to the department and water management districts for strengthening the stormwater design and operation regulations implemented under Part IV, Chapter 373, F.S., including updates to the Environmental Resource Permit Applicant’s Handbook, based on the most recent scientific information available and the additional directions provided by Section 5, Chapter 2020-150, Laws of Florida. 

    TAC Goal and Charge Questions 

    The goal of this TAC is to develop and provide consensus stormwater rulemaking recommendations for DEP and WMDs through public discussion and constructive deliberation. The initial charge questions for the TAC, when convened, are proposed below: 

    • What are the options for identifying stormwater design criteria and best management practices that are effective for increasing the removal of nutrients from stormwater discharges in the state?  
    • What measures are recommended for consistent application of the net improvement performance standard to ensure significant reductions of any pollutant loadings to a waterbody thought to be impaired by stormwater discharges? 
    • What changes are recommended for improving existing stormwater operation regulations to ensure water resources are protected under the rulemaking directed under the Clean Waterways Act?   

    TAC Membership 

    The TAC consists of the following representatives from various stakeholder categories:

    • Academia, Florida Public or Private Research University - Dr. John Sansalone, University of Florida 
    • Agricultural Interest - Charles Shinn, Florida Farm Bureau Federation 
    • At-Large Technical Expert - Dr. Harvey Harper, P.E., Environmental Research and Design 
    • City Government - Richard Howard, P.E., City of Orlando, Florida League of Cities, Inc. 
    • County Government - Kim Ornberg, P.E., Seminole County, Florida Association of Counties  
    • Development Interest - David Carter, P.E., Florida Home Builders Association 
    • Environmental Interest, General - Elizabeth Alvi, Audubon Florida 
    • Environmental Interest, Water Resource Protection - Lesley Bertolotti, The Nature Conservancy  
    • Florida Stormwater Association - Kelli Hammer Levy, Florida Stormwater Association 
    • Low Impact Design and Green Infrastructure - Mark P. Thomasson, P.E., LEED AP, National Stormwater Trust, Inc. 
    • Stormwater Design Engineering and Consultants - Robert Beltran, P.E., Hydro Solutions LLC  
    • Stormwater Utilities - Virginia Barker, Brevard County Natural Resources Management Department 
    • Urban Redevelopment - Douglas Rillstone, Nelson Mullins

    TAC Library

    2010 Stormwater TAC Reference

    Note: This historical document is available at the link above. If there is any trouble accessing the document or if you have any trouble reading the document, please contact us at

    Stormwater Technologies

    Public Comments

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