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Florida has a very broad public records law. Most written communications to or from state officials regarding state business are public records that are available to the public. Records and information may be readily available at no cost via one of DEP’s online resources. If you need our assistance with research there may be charges for staff time.

  • Oculus: web-based electronic document management system provides access to public records associated with permitted facilities and activities. Documents in Oculus are filed under a specific DEP program and facility. You will need the facility/site name or the facility identification number used in Oculus. 
  • DEP Information Portal: Search by facility, site names or street addresses to find associated records. A search by document type is also an option.
  • DEP Business Portal:  Apply for commonly issued authorizations, permits or certifications, pay fees and renewals, submit annual reports, subscribe to agency newsletters or search for records.

Contact for a Public Records Request.

Notice of Fees and Charges: Although many public records are provided at no cost, there may be charges for extensive use of staff time and resources (section 119.07(4), Florida Statutes). Extensive use is defined as more than 30 minutes of staff time. There may also be charges for CD/DVDs, postage, technological resources and other expenses. When possible we will provide you with an estimate of any costs in advance. Note that when charges are accrued records may not be released until payment has been made in full.  

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