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State 404 Program Public Notices

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The table represents the projects currently on public notice, as required by Rule 62-331.060, F.A.C

The files are available online at the OCULUS website.  You can refer to the Oculus Search Guide for assistance. You may also access the files through the Information Portal or locate records for a specific property using our online GIS tool, Map Direct

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File Number Applicant Project Synopsis Public Notice Date Link to Notice
ST404_397691-001-SFI Hanover Capital LLC.
Doug Beasley
The applicant seeks authorization to construct a single-family residential community with 542 single family dwellings, a roadway system, sidewalks, associated landscaping, and stormwater management system. The total site is 167 acres with 155.65 acres being developed and the remaining land is to remain in its natural condition. This development will contain seven stormwater ponds, four of which will be dry retention ponds, and three will be wet detention ponds. The site contains 7.85 acres of wetlands and will directly impact 0.88 acres of basin marsh wetlands causing 0.62 acres of functional loss. Compensatory mitigation for the functional loss impacts is proposed through the purchase of MWRAP credits from the federally permitted Hammock Lake Mitigation Bank. Approximately 0.62 federal credits were reserved on May 28, 2021 as the intended form of mitigation. The prospective development includes using fill dirt free of pollutants or contaminants and will consist of clean fine sands. The site plan has been designed to accomplish an avoidance of wetland impacts, with the western isolated wetland to be left untouched and a portion of the larger wetland area along thesouthern border to also remain undisturbed. September 28, 2021 Click here to view Public Notice
ST404-0234306-019-SFI-31 Central Florida Expressway (CFX) Authority
Attention: Glenn Pressimone, P.E.
The applicant proposes the widening of SR 417 from Narcoossee Road to SR 528 and improvements to the existing SWMS. The overall project area is 329.66 acres with 129.71
acres of impervious area. The entire project occurs within the existing CFX right of way (ROW) and involves 5.79 acres of wetland and other surface water impacts of which 5.5 acres are considered jurisdictional natural wetlands (floodplain swamp) that require mitigation. All wetland and surface water impacts are expected to be completed within a five year window.
October 15, 2021 Click here to view Public Notice
ST404-394622-002-SFI Florida Power & Light Company Franck Leblanc The applicant seeks authorization to place an aggregate base below grade of the existing access pathways between the FPL Barna and Tulsa Substations to form an at-grade stabilized access path. The upper 1-2 feet of soil will be removed, stockpiled in adjacent uplands, and then used to top the road edges and regrade any temporary work areas. The remaining 1-2 feet of soil will be removed prior to installing a geo-grid material at the base of the road. Aggregate materials will then be placed on top of the geo-grid to match adjacent existing grade. To help prevent the possibility of future washouts, two culverts will be placed along with the road improvements. The proposed project will result in impacts to 18 wetland systems located throughout the project site. The total amount of wetland impacts associated with the proposed project includes 4.16 acres of direct wetland impacts and there will also be approximately 6.31 acres of temporary wetland impacts due to construction matting. The matting will be removed upon project completion. The direct impacts broken down by FNAI habitat type are as follows: Direct impacts to 1.10 acre of Basin Marsh wetlands, 2.99 acre of Depression Marsh wetlands, 0.01 acre of Basin Marsh wetlands, and 0.06 acre of Marsh Lake wetlands. The project will involve approximately 20,229 cubic yards of fill material and approximately 632 cubic yards of dredge activity. All wetland impacts are anticipated to be completed within a five-year period. October 22, 2021 Click here to view Public Notice

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October 25, 2021 - 1:38pm

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