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Staff Contact Information


First Name Last Name Title Phone  Email
Aaron Watkins District Director 407-897-2963
Nathan Hess Assistant District Director 407-897-4140
Erin Rasnake Permitting Program Administrator 407-897-4302 
Pamela Ammon Business Program Administrator 407-897-2956
Ashley Gardner Ombudsman/Media & External Affairs 407-897-2914
Cindy Stafford Planner II 407-897-4157

Compliance Assurance Program

First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Daniel Hall Environmental Manager 407-897-4167
John White Environmental Consultant 407-897-4305
Michael Eckoff Environmental Consultant 407-897-4308
Casey Brock Environmental Specialist 407-897-2924
James Mullin Environmental Specialist 407-897-4171
Katrina Kasemir Environmental Specialist 407-897-4119
Kristen Johannessen Environmental Specialist 407-897-4146
Miranda Rothenberger Environmental Specialist 407-897-4301
Sean Boyles Environmental Specialist 407-897-4164


First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
David Smicherko Environmental Manager 407-897-4169
Jenny Farrell Environmental Consultant 407-897-4173
Manny Cardona Environmental Consultant 407-897-4134
Anthony LaFon Environmental Specialist 407-897-2923
Carolyn Hall Environmental Specialist 407-897-4114
Ellia Ruggiero Environmental Specialist 407-897-4168
Helena Dacenay Environmental Specialist 407-897-4342
Mary Powers Environmental Specialist 407-897-2921
Phil Kane Environmental Specialist 407-897-4156
Viviana Useche Environmental Consultant 407-897-2919

First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Jason Seyfert Environmental Manager 407-897-4344
Brian Dailey Environmental Specialist 407-897-2917
Carter Cooke Environmental Specialist 407-897-2951
Hailey Ambrose Environmental Specialist 407-897-4336
Mackenzie Black Environmental Specialist 407-897-4184
Rain Yates Environmental Specialist 407-897-4130 
Samantha Daniel Environmental Specialist 407-897-4141

First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Jill Farris Environmental Manager 407-897-4136
Charles (CJ) Johnson Environmental Consultant 407-897-4329
Allen Rainey Environmental Specialist 407-897-2929
Amada Fernandez Environmental Specialist 407-897-4159
Rick Fritts Environmental Specialist 407-897-4328
Sarah Fayed Environmental Specialist 407-897-4151
Talia Ayala Environmental Specialist 407-897-4307
Holly Fortune Environmental Specialist 407-897-4340
Chandler Hammond Environmental Specialist 407-897-4313
Nichole Shumard Environmental Specialist 407-897-2957

Permitting Program

First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Reggie Phillips Environmental Administrator 407-897-4132
Charles LeGros Environmental Consultant 407-897-4158
Dennise Judy Environmental Consultant 407-897-4154
Daissan Villareal Professional Engineer 407-897-4129
Wilmott Brown Professional Engineer 407-897-4155
Allison Chancy Engineering Specialist 407-897-2968
Randall Cunningham Engineering Specialist 407-897-4152
Osama Mahmoud Engineering Specialist 407-897-4125
Mohamed Abouelkheir Engineering Specialist 407-897-2966
Javed Mayet Engineering Specialist 407-897-4128

First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Vacant Vacant Environmental Manager    
Megan Warr Environmental Consultant 407-897-2915
Dan Shideler Engineering Specialist 407-897-4133
Hayden Denton Environmental Specialist 407-897-2965
Helen Benson Environmental Specialist 407-897-4115
John Shaffer Environmental Specialist 407-897-4322
Leo Anglero Engineering Specialist 407-897-2953
Miguel Constantine Environmental Specialist 407-897-2967
Matthew Cardish Environmental Specialist 407-897-2964

First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Lu Burson Environmental Administrator 407-897-2912
Dale Melton Environmental Consultant 407-897-4326
Tracy Jewsbury Professional Engineer 407-897-4323
Roger Sussko Environmental Specialist 407-897-4176
Najia Elmansori Engineering Specialist 407-897-4320
Maria Labrador Engineering Specialist 407-897-4327
Lindsey Brewer Environmental Specialist 407-897-2918
Anil Desai Professional Geologist 407-897-4116
Andrew Smith Environmental Specialist 407-897-2962
Alex Courneya Environmental Specialist 407-897-2916

Business Program

First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Djemil Daniel Operations & Management Consultant Manager 407-897-2920
Allen Bloomer Operations Analyst 407-897-2937
Barbara Browning Operations Analyst 407-897-4142
Daun Festa Operations Analyst 407-897-2946
Mandakini (Meena) Patel Operations Analyst 407-897-4120
Vilmaris Diaz Operations Analyst 407-897-2949
Shabbir Rizvi Operations Analyst 407-897-4153
Shona Buie Operations Analyst 407-897-2930
Carolynn Turneur Operations Analyst 407-897-2906
Zoey Carr Operations Analyst 407-897-2933
Marcos Ruiz Operations Analyst 407-897-2945
Mary  Rogers Operations Analyst 407-897-4339 

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September 9, 2020 - 9:01am

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