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Mosquito Lagoon Reasonable Assurance Plan (RAP)

The Mosquito Lagoon Reasonable Assurance Plan (RAP) was adopted by secretarial order in September 2019

Map of the Mosquito Lagoon area

The Mosquito Lagoon RAP describes the local stakeholders’ efforts to develop a robust plan to restore water quality in the Mosquito Lagoon within 15 years. Implementation of the restoration activities and projects included in this plan provides a more cost-effective and locally driven path toward attaining water quality standards. The plan includes a description of the concentration-and load-based targets to be achieved by planned restoration, adaptive management, and corrective actions if goals are not being met. The sponsors for this Reasonable Assurance Plan (RAP) are the City of Edgewater, City of New Smyrna Beach, City of Oak Hill, Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), and Volusia County.

Collectively, the sponsors have made significant investments over the past few decades to reduce pollutant loading to Mosquito Lagoon with projects such as converting wastewater treatment surface water discharges to reuse and stormwater retrofit projects. The origin for this RAP began at the June 26, 2014 Water Quality Workshop hosted by the Volusia County Council. By early 2016, the sponsors had developed Joint Project Agreements that covered topics such as authority, governance and management, funding, and responsibilities of parties and Board members for developing the RAP.

The final RAP document and other related materials can be accessed here.

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