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FL-PRO Revisions

FL-PRO 2018 Condensed Summary of Revisions

DEP method FL-PRO has been revised and updated per current laboratory practices and regulatory requirements, as well as in response to stakeholder requests for modifications to specific method steps and method performance criteria. The revisions likely to be of most interest to laboratories allow modification to the method, and include changing the amount of sample collected and extracted, and the types of lab equipment that can be used to extract the samples. The laboratory is allowed more flexibility in the choice of solvents used for preparing standard solutions, and in determining the concentration levels of standards used for calibration and spiking that are best suited for the levels encountered in client samples. Gas chromatograph operating conditions, injectors and columns can be selected to optimize performance. Citations to relevant EPA SW-846 methods provide guidance for typical modifications and optimization of performance. A new method-modification section outlines requirements for demonstrating the performance of the modified method to ensure that DEP data quality objectives can be achieved. Finally, the quality control (QC) sections of the method have been updated to include guidance and requirements for demonstrating laboratory capability to perform the FL-PRO method (with any modifications), determine MDLs and PQLs, and monitor accuracy, precision and contamination control with the analysis of spikes, duplicates and method blanks. Information about QC performance is provided in the revised section containing two new tables for single-laboratory recovery (accuracy) and precision.

Updated FL-PRO Method

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