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QA Rule and DEP SOPS

The current DEP Quality Assurance rule (Chapter 62-160, F.A.C.) and DEP SOPs became effective on April 16, 2018.

 Annual Quality Assurance Reports to the Secretary

QA for DEP Contracts, Grants, and Purchase Orders

Acronyms, Terms and Definitions

MDL/PQL Targets for Approved Analytical Methods

  • FAC 62-4 MDL/PQL Table (April 26, 2006) - MDL/PQL List Referenced in Rule 62-4.246(4), F.A.C. (.xls, 180 kB). Guidance for the selection of analytical methods and the evaluation of MDLs and PQLs for the list of analytical methods referenced in Rule 62-4.246(4), F.A.C.
  • FAC 62-777 MDL/PQL Tables The target list of Practical Quantitation Levels (PQLs) for the proposed analyte list in Chapter 62-777, F.A.C., Contaminant Cleanup Target Levels, where the cleanup criteria is less than the target PQL.
  • 62-4 MDL/PQL guidance document


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