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*NEW* Updated Rule 62-4.246, F.A.C., MDL/PQL Table

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QA Rule and DEP SOPS

The current DEP Quality Assurance rule (Chapter 62-160, F.A.C.) and DEP SOPs became effective on April 16, 2018.

 Annual Quality Assurance Reports to the Secretary

QA for DEP Contracts, Grants, and Purchase Orders

Acronyms, Terms and Definitions

MDL/PQL Targets for Approved Analytical Methods

Subsection 62-4.246(4), F.A.C., requires DEP to establish and publish a list of target MDLs and PQLs for published analytical methods that may be used for the analysis of wastewater, surface water and groundwater.  This list was initially published in 2006 and revised in 2019. Permittees should use the appropriate list according to the date referenced in their DEP permits.

  • Rule 62-4.246, F.A.C., MDL/PQL guidance document *REVISED*  Guidance for the selection of analytical methods and the evaluation of MDLs and PQLs for the list of analytical methods referenced in Rule 62-4.246(4), F.A.C.
  • Chapter 62-777 MDL/PQL Tables The target list of Practical Quantitation Levels (PQLs) for the proposed analyte list in Chapter 62-777, F.A.C., Contaminant Cleanup Target Levels, where the cleanup criteria is less than the target PQL.


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