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Sell Land to the State

The Division of State Lands is able to purchase conservation property that is within a project on an approved Florida Forever acquisition list. Florida Forever is the state’s plan for conserving Florida's natural resources and renewing our commitment to conserve natural and cultural heritage. Florida Forever replaced the successful Preservation 2000 program (P2000).

The Acquisition and Restoration Council (ARC) works to identify properties that should be purchased by the state under the Florida Forever land acquisition program. It is therefore important for an individual who is interested in selling land to the state of Florida to determine whether the property is included in a Florida Forever project.

If the property is within an existing Florida Forever project, the landowner should contact the Bureau of Real Estate Services to discuss the acquisition process and to learn whether the state of Florida is able to pursue acquisition at this time. If the property is not within a Florida Forever project, the landowner should contact the Office of Environmental Services for guidance in submitting an application either for a new project to be considered for placement on a Florida Forever list or for adding property to the boundaries of an existing Florida Forever project.

It is sometimes beneficial to both a landowner and the state for the landowner to donate or sell a conservation easement over his or her property instead of selling it in its entirety (known as a fee simple sale). Conservation easements allow the landowner to continue to use the property while relinquishing the rights to most or all development and restricting other land uses in order to preserve natural resource values on the land. Not all property is suitable for a conservation easement.

For additional information, please contact:

The Division of State Lands

Bureau of Real Estate Services and Office of Environmental Services
Please note: Donation of Land--It may be possible to donate property to the state, regardless if it is located within or outside of a Florida Forever project. If interested in making a donation, please contact us.
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