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Northwest District Contacts

Office of the Director

Title Phone Email
Hamilton, Emile (Shawn) Director 850-595-0700
Orr, Elizabeth Assistant Director 850-595-0630
Livingston, Ashley Planner/Assistant to the Director 850-595-0675
Allen, Kim Permitting Program Administrator 850-595-0553
Taylor, Rebecca Business Planning Program Administrator 850-595-0596
Fuller, Michael Branch Office Administrator 850-767-0040
Smith, Brandy External Affairs Manager 850-595-0695
Compliance Program Title Phone Email
Orr, Elizabeth Assistant Director 850-595-0630
Wilson, Rebecca Program Planner 850-595-0668
Abad, Rick Environmental Specialist 850-595-0552
Bradley, Reginald Engineering Specialist 850-595-0569
Bristol, Sue Environmental Specialist 850-595-0570
Childers, Adrienne Environmental Specialist 850-595-0560
Cook, Justin Environmental Specialist 850-595-0648
Dickey, Kenneth Environmental Manager 850-595-0580
Fackrell, Dawna Environmental Specialist 850-595-0676
Gillman, Mark Environmental Consultant 850-595-0086
Hargett, Kevin Environmental Specialist 850-595-0687

Hetzel, Nicole Environmental Specialist 850-595-0660
Hines, David Environmental Specialist 850-595-0593

Johnson, Alyssa Environmental Specialist 850-595-0610
Kimbrough, Jerry Environmental Specialist 850-595-0604
McGraw, Krista Environmental Manager 850-595-0612
Melton, Carol Environmental Consultant 850-595-0616
Merritt, Sara Environmental Specialist 850-595-0589
Nowling, Chad Environmental Specialist 850-595-0627
Plier, Paige Environmental Specialist 850-595-0621

Pope, John Environmental Manager 850-595-0633

Russell, Ben Environmental Specialist 850-595-0678

Schaffer, Emily Environmental Specialist 850-595-0602
Smith, Paula L. Environmental Specialist 850-595-0632
Stephen, Mike Environmental Consultant 850-595-0653
Stone (Barrineau), Heather Environmental Specialist 850-595-0587
Sullivan, Russell Environmental Manager 850-595-0575
Sweeney, Amy E. Environmental Specialist 850-595-0677
Vestal, Dana Environmental Consultant 850-595-0659
Whibbs, Joey (Earl) Environmental Specialist 850-595-0636
Willard, Liz Environmental Specialist 850-595-0667
Williams, Jeanne Environmental Specialist 850-595-0600
Woodson, Lexi (Alexandria) Environmental Specialist 850-595-0640
Permitting Program Title Phone Email
Allen, Kim Permitting Program Administrator 850-595-0553
Scott, Brandy Program Planner 850-595-0674
Ard, Howard Engineering Specialist 850-595-0622
Ates, Katie Engineering Specialist 850-595-0656
Athnos, Diana Environmental Consultant 850-595-0557
Benton, Lyndsey Environmental Specialist 850-595-0602

Bretana, Whitney Environmental Specialist 850-595-0642
Butler, Angelia Environmental Specialist 850-595-0598
Chapman, Blake Engineering Specialist 850-595-0611
Cooey, P.G., Sally Environmental Consultant 850-595-0558
Dandridge, Wade Government Operations Consultant 850-595-0655
Eaddy, Margo Engineering Specialist 850-595-0564
Evans, P.E., Bill Wastewater Permitting Manager 850-595-0584
Godwin, Ryan Environmental Specialist 850-595-0559
Hajcak, Catherine Environmental Specialist 850-595-0574
Harding, Dominique Environmental Specialist 850-595-0588
Harrell, Chuck (Charles) Engineering Specialist 850-595-0581
Hartshorn, Bradley Environmental Administrator 850-595-0591
Holler, Kevin Environmental Specialist 850-595-0701
Johnson, Una Environmental Specialist 850-595-0585
Matthews, Traci Engineering Specialist 850-595-0609
McHale, Tanya Environmental Administrator 850-595-0614
Moore, Debbie Engineering Specialist 850-595-0624
Patrick, Suzanne Environmental Specialist 850-595-0592
Pope, John Potable Water Section Manager 850-595-0633
Reyes, Charlie Environmental Specialist 850-595-0637
Safko, P.G, Paul Professional Geologist 850-595-0577
Templin, P.E., Dawn Professional Engineer 850-595-0644
Waltrip, Jennifer Environmental Specialist 850-595-0662
Warnat, Doug Professional Engineer 850-595-0625
Webster, P.G. Alex Professional Geologist 850-595-0664
Zern, Andrea Environmental Specialist 850-595-0562
Branch Office Title Phone Email
Fuller, Michael Branch Administrator 850-767-0400
Hagans, Pamela Program Planner 850-767-0050
Hamilton, Linda Administrative Assistant 850-767-0051

Borries, Marina Environmental Specialist 850-767-0042

Clanton, Corinna Environmental Specialist 850-767-0052
Couch, Larry Environmental Specialist 850-767-0047
Lee, Calyn C. Environmental Specialist 850-767-0043
Penton, Josie Environmental Consultant 850-767-0045
Perkins, Heather Environmental Specialist 850-245-7626
Sumner, Mark Environmental Specialist 850-767-0046
White, Tracy Environmental Specialist 850-245-7628
Business Planning Program


Phone Email
Taylor, Rebecca Office of Business Planning Program Administrator 850-595-0596
Smith, Jessica Program Planner/Human Resources 850-595-0619
Curle, Mary Beth Administrative Resource Team 850-595-0578
Glass, Arielle Welcome Desk 850-595-0690
Goldsmith, Michelle Administrative Resource Team 850-595-0613
Grubbs, Scott District Analyst/ IT 850-595-0555
Harris, Rachel E. Administrative Resource Team 850-595-0566
Ragghianti, Barbara Budget Coordinator 850-595-0556
Southern, Stephanie Travel/Safety Coordinator 850-595-0606

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August 8, 2019 - 9:56am

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