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Title Type
2019 Resilient Florida Workshop Agenda - Day 1 Publication
2019 Resilient Florida Workshop Agenda - Day 2 Publication
A Homeowner's Guide to Living Shoreline Permit Exemption Part II: United States Army Corps of Engineers Publication
A Homeowner’s Guide to the Living Shoreline Permit Exemption Part 1 Publication
Adaptation_Planning_Guidebook Publication
Alex Reed - Coastal Resiliency and Florida's Beach Management Programs Publication
Approved Electronic Signature Instructions Publication
Barbara Lenczewski - Comprehensive Planning for the Peril of Flood Publication
Beth Alvi, Jessica Koelsch Bibza and Janet Bowman - Building Resilience into Gulf Restoration Publication
Beth Stys-Climate Adaptation Explorer for Florida Publication
Brenda Leonard - Florida Department of Environmental Protection's Clean Boating Programs Publication
Callie DeHaven-Florida Forever:Linking Land and Sea for the Future Publication
Carlton Spirio - Coastal Strategies for Drainage Resilience: FDOT's Approach and Vision Publication
Changes Between First Draft and Second Draft of Draft Rule 62S-7 Publication
Colin Polsky - Florida Atlantic University - Florida Center for Environmental Studies Publication
Community Resilience Initiative Documents General Content
CRI Development in Apalachicola’s Commercial Historic District: Special Flood Hazard Areas Publication
CRI_A Homeowner’s Guide to the Living Shoreline Permit Exemption Part 1 Publication
CRI_Adaptation Action Areas: A Planning Guidebook for Florida’s Local Government Publication
CRI_Adaptation Action Areas: Policy Options for Adaptive Planning for Rising Sea Levels. Publication
CRI_Adaptation Planning for Historic Properties; May 2015 Publication
CRI_Adaptation_Planning_Stakeholder_Outreach_&_Engagement;_2017 Publication
CRI_An Inventory of Sea-Level Rise Adaptation Assessment Tools and Resources; June 2015 Publication
CRI_Assessment Report of Regional Differences within Florida; July 2016 Publication
CRI_Coastal_Vulnerability_Assessment:_City_of_Clearwater,_Florida:_June_24,_2016 Publication


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