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Florida Scrub-Jay is One of a Kind

The Florida scrub-jay is a loyal and social Florida native.

It’s the state’s only endemic bird, which means the Florida scrub-jay is found nowhere else, and its need for a specific habitat is one reason why scrub-jay numbers are declining. The only bird species that requires a sandy, scrubby habitat to survive is the Florida scrub-jay.

Invasive Plants Can Overrun Property

Invasive non-native plants  threaten Florida’s natural areas because they are fast-moving, adaptable, aggressive and resist efforts to eliminate or control them.

The plants spread quickly, unchecked by the bugs, disease and other limiting factors they face in their native lands.

Invasive non-natives can choke out native plants and reduce natural biodiversity. Native animals – which rarely forage on non-native plants – may leave the area or die out.

Water Conservation Tips

Those who live along the coast know the drill for hurricane season. Stock up on medicine, gas, water and cash. Keep a three-day supply of everything you need handy in case the power goes out. Although water conservation is not part of the rainy season drill, it should be.

When prolonged or heavy rains saturate the ground, stormwater retention ponds may overflow, and yards and streets may flood, causing sanitary sewer systems to also overflow.

Working with Fire

Prescribed fire is a land management tool used on many public lands to improve wildlife habitat and forest health and to prevent wildfires. Because lightning does not always strike at our convenience, land managers have learned to use and control its consequences — fire.


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