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Simple Steps to Designation

Designation Steps for a Clean Marina

1. Learn More About the Florida Clean Marina Program (CMP)

To learn how to become a Florida Clean Marina download a copy of the Florida Clean Marina Designation Guide to review the step-by-step process to designation. This document walks you through the process and explains how to complete the Clean Marina Action Plan (CMAP) checklist. In addition, CMP conducts introductory workshops around the state several times a year.

  • While attendance is not required, these gatherings are an excellent way to become more familiar with the qualifications required to become a designated facility, socialize with program members and learn about available assistance within your area. 
  • You may email or call the program manager, Pamela Grainger, at 850-245-2846 with any questions.

2. Take the Florida Clean Marina Pledge and Submit an Application

CMP promotes voluntary adoption of measures to reduce pollution from marinas and recreational boats. After completing a Clean Marina Application and signing the pledge, you make a commitment to actively pursue practices that protect Florida’s waters from harmful chemicals, excess nutrients and marine debris. Upon completion, electronic submission to the Clean Marina Program can be completed by email to

3. Conduct a Self-assessment of Your Facility

The Florida Clean Marina Action Plan, also known as a CMAP, is designed for use by facility operators to conduct self-assessments on location. Each section of the CMAP corresponds to the best management practices listed within the Florida Clean Marina Best Management Practices. The CMAP is composed for all program assessments, including Clean Marina, Boatyard, Marine Retailer and/or Clean & Resilient Marina. It is necessary only to complete those sections that are applicable to your facility.

Designation as a Florida Clean Marina will be awarded to facilities that meet 100% in the regulatory and legal requirements and at least 60% of the recommended best management practices.

The links below will provide you additional information about regulatory requirements your facility may have:

This document also will be used by all Florida Clean Marina Program coordinators throughout the state to conduct facility reviews. Upon completion, the CMAP can be emailed to

4. Contact the Florida Clean Marina Program to Schedule an Environmental Review

The Florida Clean Marina Program’s main office is in Tallahassee. Office staff members are available to provide technical assistance and supply additional information on all topics covered within the Florida Clean Marina Program. Each participating marina operator will be matched with a district coordinator who will facilitate the certification process.

  • To inquire about the certification process, or to schedule a site visit upon completion of the Florida Clean Marina Action Plan, contact Pamela Grainger, 850-245-2846.

5. Designation

After the site visit and the internal file review verifies there are no outstanding issues with your facility, the coordinator will submit a recommendation to the program administrator. Provided there are no issues and you have implemented at least 60% of the recommended BMPs, you will be designated. You receive a certificate plus a flag to fly at your marina. 

6. Enjoy Your Rewards

As a designated Florida Clean Marina facility, each marina receives a high-quality, domestically manufactured program flag to fly. Designation certificates are also provided for marinas to display, and award ceremonies are available on request. Certified marinas with state lands leases will receive a 10% discount on their lease fees and many more benefits.

  • The Florida Clean Marina Program takes pride in its designated facilities and lists all locations within an interactive map. This allows visitors and tourists to view facility details and plan their next excursion to environmentally responsible businesses throughout the state.
  • The Florida Clean Marina Program promotes its dedicated locations through publications and program materials distributed during workshops.

7. Maintain Florida Clean Marina Program Status

The Florida Clean Marina Program follows an annual renewal schedule to ensure that all locations have upheld their commitment to implementing best management practices.

Every December, an electronic notification is sent to all designated facilities with detailed information on renewal procedures. The annual renewal process includes completing the renewal form and serves as an excellent opportunity to update the program on any new best management practices that have been adopted by your facility. Every fifth year that a facility has been designated, they will receive a site visit from their regional Clean Boating coordinator. 

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