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South District Internship Opportunities

The Department of Environmental Protection welcomes interns throughout the year. The positions listed do not offer salary, but the benefit of hands-on experience with this dynamic agency will be invaluable to anyone pursuing a career in stewardship of the environment. Opportunities exist in a variety of departments, and schedules are variable based on the needs of the program. Interns will be provided with a support structure that will include being paired with a mentor who will provide leadership and guidance. Not all positions are offered every semester. Depending on the needs of the program, internships will typically require a minimum of eight to 12 hours a week. Applicants must be enrolled in college and are selected on a competitive basis. Application materials can be submitted electronically or by mail.

Internship with DEP will:

  • Assist in the student's education and overall academic experience
  • Help with the department's regulatory responsibilities
  • Allow students to work in the front lines of environmental protection

Potential Positions

Air Program Intern: The intern would work in the compliance and enforcement section of the Air Program and would shadow an inspector on various air pollution sources learning the skills and tools used to accomplish a regulatory inspection. From this training, the intern would gain insight on a number of facilities, facility operations and pollution control equipment, and search for additional air pollution sources that may need an air permit. The intern would assist in gathering data for inspections such as file reviews, property searches, corporate searches, occupational licensing, and various department database searches such as ARMs, GPCI and asbestos databases. The intern could be tasked with a special project of short duration. A background in engineering or environmental science is preferred.

Drinking Water Program Intern: This position will assist the South District Water Program in various ways, including the review and entry of sampling data, and hands-on compliance inspections of state-regulated drinking water systems. The intern will become familiar with primary and secondary drinking water standards and requirements (F.A.C. 62-550), and will receive guidance from the compliance and enforcement staff of the Drinking Water program. This position involves a moderate amount of fieldwork, as well as filing and computer work. A path of study in chemistry, biology or environmental science is preferred.

Environmental Resource Permitting Intern: The intern will do field work to assist environmental specialists with their assigned tasks. This can include wetland determinations, permitting site evaluations, lease compliance inspections, regulatory compliance inspections and complaint responses. This can require the traversing of difficult wetland terrain, plus swimming, snorkeling and boating. The incumbent may also attend meetings where strategies are developed to bring a proposed or unauthorized project into compliance with rule criteria. Interns will be trained on the Environmental Resource Program (ERP) applicable rules, permitting procedures and compliance procedures, in the office and field. Other duties may include clerical assistance, perform GIS location updates, file preparation for archiving, scanning of documents for archiving purposes, and similar duties. 

Environmental Assessment & Restoration (Watershed) Intern: The intern program provides opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students in one or more of the following program areas: water quality monitoring; biological assessments; Total Maximum Daily Load Program (water quality assessment and restoration); regional and comprehensive planning efforts; Everglades restoration; and special projects and research. Interns may be involved in office work or field sampling. Data collection opportunities may include water quality sampling, biological sampling, watershed reconnaissance work, etc. Other duties may include field work preparation, instrument maintenance and calibration, micro-invertebrate sample processing, data entry, literature searches, assistance with data analysis and scientific report writing. Prospective interns must be highly motivated and interested in water resource issues. Prospective interns must be able to conduct field work under harsh conditions and be willing to work in the office or laboratory. Prospective interns must possess effective written and verbal communication skills. 

Waste Management Intern: This position assists the Waste Management Program. This program is responsible for regulating solid and hazardous waste and storage tanks. Duties may include assessing waste cleanup projects, reviewing landfill applications, reviewing hazardous waste cases, data entry, file organization, site inspections, document scanning and GIS mapping. A background in geology, biology, chemistry, environmental science or engineering preferred.

Administration/Technical Services Program Intern: This position will assist with office management. Duties may include: file organization, data entry, OCULUS scanning, answering phones, program assessment, data management, vehicle maintenance, computer program installation, computer trouble shooting, and information technology support. A background in computers, office management or data entry is preferred.

For more information please contact Mary Grace Stamper at 239-344-5696 or by email at

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