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South District's Office of the Director

Located centrally in Fort Myers, DEP’s South District is responsible for administering DEP regulatory programs for eight South Florida counties. District staff oversee compliance assistance, permitting and waste cleanup.

Jennifer Carpenter
DEP - South District District Director

Florida has a very broad public records law. Most written communications to or from state officials regarding state business are public records available to the public and media upon request. Your email communication may therefore be subject to public disclosure.

South District Office Location

South District Office
2295 Victoria Ave., Suite 364
P.O. Box 2549
Fort Myers, FL 33902-2549

District Management

Name Phone Title Email
Jennifer Carpenter 239-344-5676 Director of District Management
Elizabeth Sweigert 239-344-5646

Assistant Director of District Management
Compliance Assurance
Barbara Brayton 239-344-5619

Program Administrator
Business Planning
Ryan Snyder 239-344-5695 Program Administrator
Permitting and Engineering
Vacant   Program Administrator
Program and Citizen Support Services
Brooke Keck 239-344-5660

Government Operations Consultant III
Ombudsman/Media Relations/External Affairs

Business Planning

Name Phone Title Email
Barbara Brayton 239-344-5619 Program Administrator
Mary Grace Stamper 239-344-5696 Senior Program Analyst
Budget/Contracts/HR/Web Administrator
Joe Kreft 239-344-5691 Government Operations Consultant II
IT Support/Logistics
Mandy Ades 239-344-5652 Government Operations Consultant I
Christian Reistad 239-344-5606 Government Operations Consultant I
Samantha Brusic 239-344-5634 Operations Analyst II
Regulatory Support TL/Citizen Services
Regina Dick 239-344-5632 Operations Analyst II
Regulatory Support/Citizen Services
Sierra Frame 239-344-5693 Operations Analyst II
Regulatory Support/Citizen Services
Kevin Lemos 239-344-5641 Operations Analyst II
Regulatory Support/FLEET/Citizen Services
Tabitha Roberts 239-344-5624 Operations Analyst II
Regulatory Support/Citizen Services
Ashley Kelly 239-344-5654 Operations Analyst I
Regulatory Support/Citizen Services
Deanna Vogel 239-344-5688 OPS Operations Analyst I
Regulatory Support/Citizen Services

Compliance Assurance Program

Name Phone Title Email
Elizabeth Sweigert 239-344-5646 Assistant Director of District Management
Cindy Owens 239-344-5704 Operations Analyst II
Regulatory Support
Toni Yard 239-344-5649 Government Operations Consultant I
District Concierge, Training, Travel, CRA
Lina Cerquera 239-344-5697 Environmental Consultant
Renee Kwiat 239-344-5673 Environmental Consultant,
Air and Solid Waste
Vacant   Environmental Administrator,
Compliance & Enforcement
Tori Gray 239-344-5662 Environmental Consultant,
Vacant   Environmental Specialist III,
Jacob Poirier 239-344-5680 Environmental Specialist II,
Tatum Updegraff 239-344-5621 Environmental Specialist II,
Gabby Zaharieff 239-344-5640 Environmental Specialist II,
Shyler Carlson 239-344-5608 Environmental Specialist I,
Alexandria Martinez 239-344-5629 Environmental Specialist I,
Megan Piquiet 239-344-5701 OPS Environmental Specialist I
Louise Chang 239-344-5630 Environmental Manager, Compliance & Enforcement
Patty Baron 239-344-5615 Environmental Specialist III,
Drinking Water
Landon Reigelman 239-344-5633 Environmental Specialist III,
Nicole Devine 239-344-5675 Environmental Specialist II,
Vanessa Kraft 239-344-5678 Environmental Specialist II,
Potable Water 
Katie O'Gara 239-344-5690 Environmental Specialist II,
Air, Asbestos, Solid Waste
Christopher Wong 239-344-5613 Environmental Specialist II,
Stormwater NPDES
Eric Leon 239-344-5635 Environmental Specialist I,
Wastewater, Solid Waste
Vacant   Environmental Specialist I,
Air, Wastewater
Vacant   Environmental Administrator,
Compliance & Enforcement
Heidi Hoffman 239-344-5684

Environmental Specialist III,
Highlands, Glades & Hendry counties
Emergency Response
(State Warning Point: 800-320-0519)
John Yanc 239-344-5647 Environmental Specialist III,
Waste Cleanup, Emergency Response
(State Warning Point: 800-320-0519)
Johnny Seay 239-344-5661

Environmental Specialist II,
Stormwater NPDES, Hazardous Waste
Megan Jarabek 239-344-5648 Environmental Specialist I,
Drinking Water
Amy Murry 239-344-5703 Environmental Specialist I
Grease Inspector
Julia Sereda 239-344-5626 Environmental Specialist I,
George Ugartemendia 239-344-5623 Environmental Specialist I
Stormwater NPDES
Vacant   Environmental Specialist I,
Stormwater NPDES
Vacant   Environmental Specialist I,
Waste Cleanup, Potable Water
Gabriele Starrach 239-344-5653 OPS Environmental Specialist I
Wastewater, UIC
Matt Czahor 239-344-5617 Environmental Manager
Sergio Astarita 239-344-5639 Environmental Specialist II
Kelly Dino 239-344-5636 Environmental Specialist II
Tiffany Gaglia 239-344-5605 Environmental Specialist I

Permitting and Engineering

Name Phone Title Email
Ryan Snyder 239-344-5695 Program Administrator
Jonathan Guinn 239-344-5650 Environmental Consultant
Toby Schwetje 239-344-5631 Environmental Consultant
William Lange 239-344-5686 Environmental Specialist III 
Nolin Moon 239-344-5672 Environmental Administrator,
Facilities - Air, Water, Waste
Vacant   Professional Engineer II,
Potable Water Treatment
Bill Robertson 239-344-5657 Professional Engineer I,
Wastewater Treatment
Robert Reid 239-344-5656 Engineering Specialist III,
Reclaimed Water
Jessica Douglas 239-344-5702 Engineering Specialist III,
Wastewater Facilities and Solid Waste 
Richard Boensch 239-344-5607 Engineering Specialist II,
Utility Collection and Transmission
Brian Eastham II 239-344-5616 Engineering Specialist I,
Vacant   Engineering Specialist I,
UIC and Groundwater
Daniel Sensi 239-344-5614 Environmental Administrator,
Submerged Lands and Environmental Resources
Matthew Erb 239-344-5627 Environmental Specialist III Matthew.Erb@FloridaDEP.Gov
Jeffrey Passerello 239-344-5620 Environmental Specialist III
Savanah Ceilley 239-344-5628 Environmental Specialist II
Andrew Hemmelgarn 239-344-5609 Environmental Specialist II
Esteban Lorenzo Velez 239-344-5705 Environmental Specialist II
Michael Baker 239-344-5602 Environmental Manager,
Submerged Lands and Environmental Resources
Shanell Bosch 239-344-5707 Environmental Specialist II
Julia Davis 239-344-5658 Environmental Specialist II
Shayler Levine 239-344-5698 Environmental Specialist II
Ruben Martinez 239-344-5645 Environmental Specialist II
Erin Reed 239-344-5665 Environmental Specialist II
Andrew Wilson 239-344-5685 Environmental Specialist II

Program and Citizen Support Services

Name Phone Title Email
Vacant   Program Administrator  
Eileen Cardona 239-344-5728 Government Operations Consultant I
District Concierge/Regulatory Support/Citizen Services
Martha Avila 239-344-5644 Environmental Consultant
Outreach Coordinator/Spanish Media and Public Service
Lucy Blair 239-344-5618 Environmental Consultant
Waste Cleanup, Wastewater, UIC
Pamela Coffin 239-344-5659 Environmental Consultant,
Petroleum Storage Tanks/ Solid & Hazardous Waste
Mark Miller 239-344-5669 Environmental Consultant,
State Lands, Environmental Resource Permitting
Deanna Newburg 239-344-5677 Environmental Consultant,
Dessy Owiti 239-344-5637 Environmental Consultant,
Potable Water
Qiara Perez 239-344-5655 Environmental Consultant,
Environmental Resource Permitting

Beach Field Services Program

Name Phone Title Email
Kelly Cramer 239-770-7502 Environmental Specialist II,
Beaches & Coastal Systems

Division of Environmental Assessment and Restoration

Name Phone Title Email
Kalina Warren 407-897-4177 Environmental Administrator - DEAR
John Barrington 239-344-5720 Environmental Consultant - Biology Lab Coordinator
Nicole Reistad 239-344-5718 Environmental Specialist III
William Mullen 239-344-5660 Environmental Specialist II 
Gary Snorek 239-344-5683 Environmental Specialist II
Vacant   Environmental Specialist II  
Thomas Baker 239-344-5663 IWRM OPS Environmental Specialist II - Watershed
Monica Jaeger 239-344-5610 IWRM OPS Environmental Specialist II - Watershed


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