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Southwest District Tanks

The Southwest District Storage Tank Program handles compliance, enforcement, technical assistance and contract management relating to tank systems that store regulated substances. Specific activities conducted by district staff are:

1) Underground and above ground storage tank (Chapters 62-761 and 62-762, F.A.C.) inspections at facilities owned by contracted counties;

2) Discharge prevention and response (Chapter 62S-6, F.A.C.) inspections;

3) Enforcement for non-compliant facilities, including enforcement referrals from the contracted counties;

4) Providing technical assistance to the public, facility owners and operators, and consultants via phone calls, providing documents through electronic communication, and outreach events; and

5) Contract management of 4 Storage Tank Compliance Verification Contracts that encompass the eight counties located in the Southwest District.

Learn more about Florida’s Storage Tank Program

Please visit the DEP Storage Tank Compliance Page if you wish to know more about Florida storage tank regulations. There you will find links to storage tank rules and guidelines, storage tank inspection videos, the list of registered storage tank equipment, the pollutant storage system contractors, district and county contacts, storage tank database reports, as well as other useful information.

Storage Tanks Contact Phone Number/Email

James Brock

Environmental Manager


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