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Division of Environmental Assessment and Restoration

EcoSummary Reports

EcoSummary Reports

This statewide map shows the locations of a series of EcoSummary Reports written by FDEP staff from 2010 through the present. Intended for a wide audience, the reports summarize the biological health and water quality conditions for a single freshwater stream, lake, or spring. Reports include a map and a description of the sampling location, photos of the site, tables of water quality and assessment sampling results, recommendations for future monitoring, and who to contact for more information.

TMDL Prioritization 2.0

The department will continue to focus TMDL development efforts on waters with verified water quality impairments. One important part of the TMDL priority setting effort is a focus on waters where the TMDL/BMAP approach is the best of the available options for restoration. The department's resultant list of priorities are therefore best interpreted as "those impaired waters where the department expects to develop a site-specific TMDL."


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