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Division of Environmental Assessment and Restoration

Holding Time Calculations

Maximum Holding Times and the “Q” Data Qualifier Code

The approved maximum holding times for specific analytes are listed in the DEP SOP FS 1000 tables.  Any results reported from samples not meeting the holding times specified in those tables must be qualified and reported with the “Q” data qualifier code, per rule 62-160.700, F.A.C. (Table 1 of the DEP QA Rules).  The holding time limits in the DEP SOP tables do not allow for extra time to prepare or analyze samples beyond the maximum times specified.

Revisions to the MDL/PQL List for Rule 62-4.246, F.A.C.

DEP has drafted a revised list of method detection limit (MDL) and practical quantitation limit (PQL) targets for selected analytes and methods, as required by rule 62-4.246, F.A.C. (Sampling, Testing Methods, and Method Detection Limits for Water Pollution Sources). Specifically, the Department is required to publish an MDL and PQL for each approved analytical method applicable to permit applications, permits, monitoring reports and other sources of data relating to discharges to surface waters.


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