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Siting Coordination Office

Land Use Consistency Determination

The Land Use Consistency Determination has no specific format, but is typically filed as a short pleading with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Administrative Law Judge, applicant and all parties. It should include a statement as to whether the proposed site is consistent with local land use plans and zoning ordinances. If the site is not consistent, then the Land Use Consistency Determination should address the reasons for inconsistency and what would need to be done to make the proposed project consistent with local land use plans and zoning ordinances.

Power Plant Siting Act

The Power Plant Siting Act (PPSA), Sections 403.501-.518, Florida Statute (F.S.), is the state's centralized process for licensing large power plants. One license — a certification — replaces all local and state permits. Local governments and state agencies within whose jurisdiction the power plant is to be built participate in the process. Certification addresses permitting, land use and zoning, and property interests.


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