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Water Quality Assessment Program

Impaired Waters Listing Process

The core function of the Watershed Assessment Section is to use the best available information to identify waterbodies and water segments (WBIDs) that are not meeting the applicable water quality standards and designated uses based on the Impaired Waters Rule Chapters 62-303 and 62-302, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.).

How often are WBIDs assessed?

DEP’s watershed management approach is an established five-year cycle that rotates through 29 basins throughout the state over a five-year period (all WBIDs will be assessed once every five years).

Water Quality Monitoring Events

This map shows the station locations where the Division of Environmental Assessment and Restoration monitoring staff are visiting to collect water quality and biological samples. Site visits are updated in real time along with a display of site information, number of site visits, and number and type of analyte suites. It currently includes the monitoring locations and information for the Trend Network, Status Network, and Strategic Monitoring. 

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