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Permitting and Compliance Assistance Program

Hazardous Waste Cost Estimates

Owners or operators of hazardous waste facilities requiring closure, postclosure and corrective action financial assurance shall annually adjust their facility cost estimates for inflation and submit updated information to the department. Permittees must follow Rule 62-730.180 and Rule 62-730.226, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.).

Hazardous Waste Financial Assurance Forms

Financial Assurance Forms & Form Guidance

For proof of financial responsibility, originally signed duplicates of financial mechanism(s) shall be submitted on the appropriate form(s) pursuant to Rule 62‑730.180(6)(a), F.A.C.. DEP Form 62‑730.900(4)(a)-(r) are available below.

Note: If a letter of credit or a surety bond is used, a standby trust fund agreement [Forms 62-730.900(4)(f) or (r)] is also needed.


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