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Aquatic Preserve Program

Yellow River Marsh Aquatic Preserve

"A trip on the Yellow River is like going back in time.
Its tall-forested banks, pristine water quality and productive fishing create a place one can go to be completely surrounded by nature.
The Yellow River Preserve is one of Florida's most precious contributions it has for its future generations."
 - Ernie Rivers, River Keeper and Bream Fisherman Associate of Northwest Florida

Apalachicola Bay Aquatic Preserve

"The Apalachicola River, floodplain and bay comprise one of the most biodiverse and productive riverine and estuarine systems in the northern hemisphere. The historic natural function and cultural heritage of the surrounding communities remain intact much of the way it has been for generations of commercial fishermen on one of Florida's last working waterfronts. This ecosystem and its people are truly an American treasure."

 — Dan Tonsmeire, Apalachicola Riverkeeper

Ecosystem Science Programs at Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserves

An expansive geographic area and the challenges posed by protecting natural resources adjacent to the most populous county in the state means that fostering partnerships with other agencies is crucial. The information collected from these agencies forms the basis for the foundation for the ecosystem science program at Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserves.

The main partnering agencies are:

Lignumvitae Key Aquatic Preserve

Lignumvitae Key Aquatic Preserve (pronounced "lig-nem-VI-te"), is a 6,700-acre protected area located adjacent to Islamorada in the Upper Florida Keys. The aquatic preserve spans a unique transitional zone between Florida Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. This vital productive area includes seagrass flats, mangroves and hardbottom communities, which support a wondrous diversity of life.

Coupon Bight Aquatic Preserve

Coupon Bight Aquatic Preserve is a 5,400-acre protected area located south of Big Pine Key in the lower Florida Keys. The aquatic preserve spans a unique geological transition zone between the upper and lower Florida Keys. It boasts a diversity of underwater habitats that support an amazing array of life.


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