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Aquatic Preserve Program

Rainbow Springs Aquatic Preserve - Wildlife Protection and Habitat Restoration

Rainbow Springs Aquatic Preserve is an important natural resource for both wildlife and the people of Florida. From an ecological perspective, the aquatic preserve has an abundance of flora communities that provide excellent habitat for Florida's native fauna. Resource management continues to be one of the most important strategies in maintaining the overall health and success of Rainbow Springs Aquatic Preserve. Although many resource management needs have remained fairly similar over the last decade, additional needs do arise.

Rainbow Springs Aquatic Preserve - Water Quality Monitoring

Water quality is one of the primary issues of importance for Rainbow Springs Aquatic Preserve. Without adequate safeguards, historical land use or changes in current land uses often lead to degradation of water quality through increased nutrient loads. The aquatic preserve has experienced changes in water quality that have negatively impacted natural habitats and wildlife, as well as decreased the aesthetic benefit for public use.

Rainbow Springs Aquatic Preserve - Sustainable Public Use

Rainbow Springs Aquatic Preserve encourages the sustainable use of natural resources while minimizing the user impacts. With only 150 submerged acres contained within the aquatic preserve boundaries, it is imperative to maintain the balance between needs of recreational users and the protection of the natural resource. Popular recreational uses include boating, fishing, tubing, swimming, snorkeling, diving, kayaking and canoeing, and birding and wildlife observing.


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